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Unleashing Our Inner Green Goddess with Author and Naturopath Alexia Cabbadias

By on April 14, 2023

The natural world around us, an often forgotten world in the hustle and bustle of city life, is the world that inspires us – the world that helps us connect to ourselves and to the depths of our soul. Nature is healing. It mirrors our voices and our thoughts, and can provide the answers we are seeking. Alexia Cabbadias is an Argentinian born writer and naturopath of Greek-Lebanese ancestry, but admittedly connects mostly to her Greek roots.  Much of her work involves providing workshops that offer emotional and spiritual coaching through holistic techniques that include breathing exercises and meditation. She draws on her innate sense of empathy to understand the people and the world around her. In her experience, the environment around us can influence our goals, our thoughts, our creativity, and help us find our inner voice.

Her book, Words for Gaia, is a book of poetry inspired by mother nature. Alexia’s book reminds us that we are nature, and if we give ourselves a chance to remember we are not separate from nature then we can give ourselves a more aligned life and have the opportunity of becoming inspired by Mother Earth. Gaia is the Greek goddess of the earth and represents its spirit. The goddess Gaia is also connected to Alexia’s Greek background.  Some of Alexia’s poems are inspired by mountains, the stars and the moon, and the ocean. She explores how these elements of nature connect to the self.  The cycles of nature reflect the cycles of human growth. According to Alexia, we, as humans, have the ability to regenerate ourselves, and release what is no longer serving us, just as nature does with its cycles and changes in seasons. Through these poems we experience an abundance of imagery that allows us, as the reader, to go through this process of transformation.

Having moved from the big city of Buenos Aires further out to the province of Cordoba, Alexia enjoys life in a small town up in the mountains, where she draws inspiration from her Greek ancestors that hailed from Lefkada.  Living in a smaller town reminds her of the stories she would hear about on life on the island – a life that was slower in pace. It provided a sense of community, as people made the trip up and down the mountains with their goats and donkeys, and grew their own food.  Living in the mountains connects her with her ancestors and is an homage to their traditions and experiences. The book was inspired by the lifestyle of her ancestors, as she connects to the earth by growing her own food, herbs, and fruit trees. Instead of waking up to cars honking and traffic jams, she wakes up to the sounds of birds every morning and sees the glory of the mountains – the natural world – from her window.  The sights and sounds she experiences are a blessing for her to enjoy nature’s gifts.  With the fast-paced way of life we have conformed to in big cities, we tend lose less focus on the natural world around us. Through her poems, Alexia wants to encourage us to re-focus on the natural world around us – to focus on the beauty of that tree we often take for granted and scurry past each morning.

“If they read these poems and let their minds fly, and have all of this imagery, and allow their senses to awaken to all the different sounds and scents of nature that I describe in my poems, it is a good way to have a different perspective, even if they live in cities. It can help them be more present in this time and space. We get so out of tune living in cities that when we see a bird, or something of natural beauty, we become present at that specific moment. With my poems I want the reader to have the opportunity of being present, and allowing all of their senses to be full there as they read.”


Alexia at Porto Katsiki Beach, Lefkas Island, Greece

Alexia at Porto Katsiki Beach, Lefkas Island, Greece

Fear and anxiety have been a big part of the challenges her clients seek to overcome, especially since the pandemic. In her online workshops, Alexia will lead them through breathing techniques and meditation. She helps guide them as they start releasing the tension in their bodies. It is a new experience for people who are not used to meditation. Once they start applying these techniques they start to transform their lives, sleep better, and become more present in their decisions.  They undergo a spiritual transformation by incorporating simple processes in their daily lives that can help bring forth the changes they are seeking, and release old ways that aren’t working for them. She encourages her clients to be patient and compassionate with themselves.  Holistic therapies also include tinctures where she extracts the medical properties of plants and flowers to create a formula for healing, which her clients can also obtain at their local homeopathic provider. She is currently getting her second certification in understanding the benefits of plants indigenous to where she lives, and how they can be of holistic medicinal benefit.

Alexia is also the author of two earlier books written in Spanish that are currently being translated into English. Her first book, Micro Universe: A Journey Into Our Inner Cosmos, is a journey into her spirituality, and understanding herself as a compassionate and empathic being with the gifts nature offers. Her second book, Meditation Stories, is about her experiences as she is meditating. What she experienced was the feeling that everything around her was a teacher. As an example, she mentioned how the wind can be a teacher and a reflection of our human nature. Like the wind, we can exteriorize our personality to be like a hurricane in a more aggressive way, or to be more like a gentle breeze.  All of these aspects are within us, just as they are part of nature. All of us are elements of nature. Her experiences helped her realize a lot about herself. At the book presentation, people were able to relate their own stories, and how they connected to the natural world around them. The waves of the ocean can be a catalyst for something we are also experiencing, as one of her clients recounted the story of how hearing loud ocean waves inspired him to release his own voice to express himself better.

In her third book now, Words for Gaia, Alexia inspires her readers to look up at the sky and see a painting. In an excerpt from one of her poems, The Ever-Changing Skies, she sees a set of brushes gain momentum as the awakened artist connects to a new idea. A painting to be created….an explosion of shapes and forms sets up the cosmic work of art.

Being of service through her writings and her coaching is of great importance to Alexia: “Every morning when I wake up I feel gratitude for having one more day on this planet and I ask myself how can I be of service today? That gives you the opportunity of making the fact that you are still alive more meaningful.”

Alexia believes that nature offers us an abundance of gifts that we can channel and use to be of service to ourselves and to others.  With her writings and her work, Alexia wants to guide us in re-focusing our direction to improve our quality of life by inviting the healing power of Mother Nature into our lives.

To purchase Alexia’s books or to find our more about her online workshops, her email is alexcabbadias@gmail.com, or follow her on Instagram @alex_cabb.writings.

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