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Chaos: A Creative, Hot, Amazing, Outstanding, Supercar

By on December 25, 2021

Spyros Panopoulos, the creator of the Greek supercar, talks to NEO

By Kelly Fanarioti

When in his early childhood, he discovered his passion for speed and cars, Spyros Panopoulos could not have imagined that a few decades later he would have become the creator of the first supercar made in Greece.

Spyros Panopoulos, creator of Chaos

Spyros Panopoulos, creator of Chaos

The 43- year – old creator of Chaos, which is a car that he designed and built by himself entirely, has attracted the strong interest of car lovers world-wide.

“Many years ago, I started making car spare-parts just as a hobby. The more I spent time on this, the more it became a passion for me, and some years later I began making spare-parts for racing cars, which I was selling abroad,” he told NEO, remembering his first steps in the automotive field.

When the quality of the spare-parts he was designing and making from scratch was disputed by certain American experts, not only was he not discouraged, but he tried to find ways to convince them that his spare-parts were of superb quality and had nothing to envy from the those made by the established manufacturers.

So, he went for it. He bought a Mitsubishi ENO and he built it from scratch, with spare-parts that were entirely made by him, “The result was that I won world records in consecutive acceleration races in the years 2017, 2017, 2018, and 2019. I was breaking my records every year, and in this way, I proved that that my spare-parts were of an excellent quality” he added.

The mind-blowing acceleration times he achieved in these races, earned him global fame. And certainly, it is not accidental that his social media followers exceed two million.

But his passion and drive to push the boundaries of his ideas never left him – and a year later he started designing a very advanced project by the global car industry\s standards.

“My goal was not to build a car. Chaos is the result of the technology I would like to launch and demonstrate that it really works, as I built this car using 3-D printing. It is the technology of the future.”

The car will be shown to the public in March next year, in the presence of members of the Greek Government, who,  he says, have been on his side from the start of his project.

“The car will be launched in two editions –  one with 2000 and the other with 3000 horsepower. Although very similar in appearance, each of the cars was built with different spare-parts. The first edition will be sold for 5 million euro and the second for 12.5 million euro”, he says and adds that his target potential buyers are those who are into car racing, and who are the only ones who could drive them, or wealthy car collectors who may wish to add a super car in their collection.

“Before embarking on my project to build Chaos, I was wondering who would be able to afford such a car. As my initiative was becoming widely known and photos of the car were being published in the international press, I received more 1000 emails expressing interest in my car. It does not mean of course that those who sent messages will also buy it, but it definitely shows that there is a lot of interest for the car out there,” he said, adding that he has already prepared a sale contract with a man from Dubai who wants to buy the car.

His plans for the future beyond selling Chaos include building an electric car and a hydrogen fuel cell car, which are currently under development with a view to going into mass production in early 2023.

“Greece is my base and it will remain so. This is something that I do not only wish for myself but also I intend to bring back to Greece several compatriots from abroad who work in the car field.  To date I have not found a single person who turned down my invitation.”

Amongst the many appreciation messages praising his supercar creation, he also receives from time-to-time messages from inspired children who would wish to follow his example.  In fact, there have been cases, he confesses to NEO, of parents of young people who contacted him to say that thanks to his inspiring example their children have set professional targets for themselves.

“These are the most touching messages for me, because I am aware how difficult it is in Greece for young people to pursue their creative dreams. If my example could inspire and motivate even one person, to try to fulfill their dream, this would make me very happy”, he concludes.

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