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Look forward with faith, hope and clearer vision!

By on January 13, 2020
by Penny Gallis

by Penny Gallis

Ahhh New Year’s Eve…that highlighted day on our calendar that we all try so hard to manage. Do we go out and party, stay home and sit with peace, daydream, make a resolution, say fuck it all, cook a delicious meal, dress up, dance, watch the ball drop, grieve, hope, go on a romantic date, enjoy our loved ones, drink til we can’t remember it’s New Year’s Eve, go to church, sit with our thoughts, run away from our thoughts, make space for someone lonely, volunteer for a good cause and on and on. Bottom line… we are here, today on Dec. 31, 2019… yep standing together…all our battle wounds and heart scars, all our smiles and lists of blessings, all our superhero powers and all our trophies and all our memories! Don’t we all look damn good???? We should look forward with faith, hope and clearer vision! All of us are more awakened than we were last year… from the bad and from the good. We know that life is sweet no matter what and we have to find our purpose. Take all your superpowers and make lil meaningful things happen on purpose… for you, for your loved ones and for those that need a helping hand! Be easy on yourselves! It’s ok to rest! The only resolution to make is to try to be a little better than yesterday! God bless! May it be a beautiful year!

Happy New Year! May the world heal! I love my kids!!!!

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