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Manolis Mitsias in the US for Two Concerts!

By on March 6, 2013
Manolis Mitsias

Manolis Mitsias

MANOLIS MITSIAS…..His musical interpretations, countless as are the number of times he crossed the Atlantic to share his art with his admiring fans. In 1974, during the artists’ first visit to the U.S., the seeds were planted for a loving and enduring relationship with these Greek communities. Since then, as Mitsias, himself stated in our interview, ” My relationship with the Greek American community has always been an exceptionally close one. At one time, I considered the U.S. my ‘home’ as I visited every year.”

Aphrodite Daniel

Aphrodite Daniel

On Saturday, March 23, at 7 pm at the Nicholas Music Center of Rutger’s University in New Brunswick NJ, Manolis Mitsias will lend his voice to the benevolent efforts of the P.G.E.I. of America Charitable Foundation, The Hellenic Federation of NJ and the members of the Pan Gregorian Enterprises, Inc. This is truly a major undertaking of financial support for four most valued charities, “TO HAMOGELO TOU PAIDIOU”, “I KIVOTOS TOU KOSMOU”, “THE MISSION OF THE ARCHDIOCESE OF ATHENS” and “THE CYPRUS CHILDREN’S FUND”.

A second performance will take place on Sunday, March 24 at 5 pm at The Lefrak Concert Hall, at Queens College produced by Axiocom Productions Inc.

Attendees will be treated to a musical journey of Mitsias’ greatest interpretations of the most memorable songs of his vast career. He will be accompanied by the incomparable bouzouki from Greece, Dimitris Mariolas and the local SYN-PHONIA BAND with appearances by Aphrodite Daniel, Rena Tsapela, Panagiotis Andreou and Christos Papadopoulos.

“All of mankind, and especially Greece, is being sorely tested these days…” Mitsias declared as we started our interview.  “It is our obligation as artists, with this power of interpretation that defines us, to rally together and render our services in support of such efforts. I am most humbled to be a part of this great undertaking and expect my friends in New York and New Jersey to share these unforgettable evenings with us.”

When asked about the program, he replied: “The performance will include everything …what ever the people want to hear. It will be an intimate setting of a musical journey through time as well as an inter-active experience with the audience…”

Rena Tsapela

Rena Tsapela

How could it be otherwise? Manolis Mitsias has defined his place in the pages of the history of Greek musical interpreters by his “ethos” and style. He has bonded many generations with tunes like “ELEYSINA”, “PIROGA”, “POTE”, “AS TON TRELLO STIN TRELLA TOY”, “AUTA TA XERIA” ‘ME LENE GIORGO’, “MH XATIPAS” and countless more. A Greek composer does not exist who hasn’t trusted Mitsias’ voice to his creations. Theodorakis, Hatzidakis, Xarhakos, Tsitsanis, Tokas, Mikroutsikos, Markopoulos, Panou, Moutsis, Loentis , Nikolopoulos, Hatzinasios, Spanos, Kraounakis, Spanoudakis, just to name …many!

In a message to our Greek-American Community, Mitsias offers this. “To my countless friends and fans in New York and New Jersey, I send my love as I remind you all that in unity, compassion and love lie our strength as a people, and in this only will we be able to endure and withstand the difficult times we share. With great joy and anticipation I look forward to our meeting again.”

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