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Argentina is going ….Greek!

By on July 12, 2022
Demetrios Rhompotis

Demetrios Rhompotis

Meet Silvina Batakis, the newly appointed Minister of the Economy in the Argentinian government! She’s the second cabinet member of Hellenic descent to currently serve the administration. The first one is Gabriel Nicolas Katopodis, Minister of Public Works. NEO magazine wishes Mrs. Batakis a very successful term for the benefit of the Argentinian people. And if she proves good, maybe we should invite her here to put the house in order because things seem to be derailing…

Speaking of economy and economics, we are doing a Facebook fundraiser for NEO magazine. It’s the 3rd and hopefully the last year we are asking for your direct contribution. As a result of Covid we had to employ emergency procedures and so far we have managed. Please, go to my Facebook page, Demetrios Rhompotis, see the fundraiser, click DONATE and deposit something, however small it helps big. Or if you prefer anonymity follow the instructions of the coupon on the right side.

Have a beautiful summer, hopefully in Greece and Cyprus, and reconnect with the people first and the place because only then your vacation will become an experience instead of just a summer trip….

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