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This Summer Remember Cyprus….

By on July 10, 2024
Demetrios Rhompotis

Demetrios Rhompotis

This summer is different. Fifty years ago Turkey invaded Cyprus with hordes of Anatolians who killed, plunged, raped and forced a big chunk of the local population to flee to the free part of the island. Not even animals were spared from being treated as sex objects! But animals upon animals might not be so appalling after all… And because this shameful act has gone unpunished, with no real consequences to Turkey, 50 years after another big country, Russia, invaded her smaller neighbor using more or less the same pretexts as Turkey.

It’s time to wake up, friends and before we witness our world turning into chaos, let’s try to establish some order, starting with having the Turkish troops in Cyprus removed. Easy to say of course, but pressuring Turkey in all international fora sounds like a good first step. And like Russia these days, no more Olympics, no World Cup, nothing! Meanwhile Turkey has invaded two more countries, Iraq and Syria. What else is the free world waiting for before putting this bully into her place?

Other than that, have a beautiful summer, friends, enjoy, relax and be ready for a busy autumn and winter.

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