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Anna Rezan honored by philanthropist Brock Pierce and lobbyist Ezra Friedlander for her contribution to history, the arts and culture

By on December 28, 2023

Famed actress and director Anna Rezan was the special guest in Washington, DC among members of Congress, diplomats from all over the world, and businessmen and entrepreneurs in the Pierce mansion by the Capitol.

My People, the feature historical documentary that Rezan created, to make globally known the untold story of the Jews of Greece during the Holocaust, the significant role of the Christian clergy, and the impeccable Greek Resistance during WW2, had its Washington, DC premiere recently.

The film promotes the Christian Orthodox clergy and their miraculous efforts to shelter Jews and support the Resistance like no other, which touched and inspired Pierce and Friedlander.

The multi-awarded documentary, that is co-produced by Zafeiris Haitidis, Pantelis Kodogiannis and Academy Award-winners Mitchell Block and Kim Magnusson, is the first film to ever be screened at the Pierce school.

Brock Pierce is widely known for his bold investments and his big heart.

In 2020, he ran for president as an independent candidate, while he also makes headlines for his charitable work and contribution to arts and culture.

During the reception he stated that, “Rezan’s work is significant… I was impressed by the greatness of the Greek Resistance during the Second World War, and it is with immense pleasure that I get this opportunity to promote My People….”.

Rezan spoke to the press and affirmed that, “I am humbled and honored by this invitation. I am a proud Greek and I promote my country every chance I get. Our history should be preserved in a meaningful way and I am excited that my film has become a part of that. Pierce is a kind individual that warmed my heart with his love for our country of Greece and his willing to support spreading the word regarding the story of the Greek Jews during the Holocaust and the Herculean efforts of the Greek people. Friedlander has become a dear friend of mine and a valuable companion in my quest to bring back the presence of Greek Jews. Salonica, Greece was once coined the mother of Israel, because it was home to the largest Sephardic community in the world. Romaniote Jews lived in Greece for two millennia, but these communities were eradicated.”

Hope Sullivan was the hostess of the evening and instantly made friends with Anna, who mentioned to the press that she has a new friend in Washington, DC.

Rezan arrived at the event with Greek American businessman Konstantinos Bouras of 776 deluxe products. Her dear friend, multi-awarded producer Krysanne Katsoolis, was also there for the occasion.

Members of the Greek diplomatic corps stated that they were impressed by Rezan’s documentary, while they commented that she mastered the art of storytelling of a greatly demanding topic. Bashar Azzeh represented the state of Palestine, bringing a message of unity and peace to the atmosphere of the evening. Demetrios Rhompotis of NEO Magazine was the only member of Greek press invited.

My People is a hymn to love and courage that intends to educate, but also inspire young people of all ages across the world to learn from history: to live more and love more.

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