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NEO Youth Sports with the Archangel Michael Community of Port Washington

By on December 27, 2022

The Archangel Michael Greek Orthodox Church of Port Washington and NEO Magazine will be working together to introduce aspiring young writers and journalists to the fast-paced and exciting world of media and journalism. The AMC Greek Orthodox Church has been serving over 700 families in the Manhasset, Great Neck, Roslyn, Port Washington and New Hyde Park communities of Long Island since 1981.



Young writers and journalist will work hand in hand with Editor in Chief Dimitri Michalakis and Chairman Demetrios Rhompotis. Together, they will be developing story ideas, conducting interviews and writing publishable articles. These young writers will be doing serious work, bringing stories to the forefront that are important to them that fit within the editorial guidelines of the magazine.

Additionally, through this unique partnership we will be introducing a brand-new section within the magazine called “NEO Youth Sports”. This section will be dedicated to covering youth athletics and will feature our youth writers from the Archangel Michael community capturing exciting moments through high quality photos of players and teams, writing about games and scores.

We will kick off with coverage of the Basketball season of the Greek Orthodox Direct Archdiocesan District League of New York. Every year communities and churches throughout New York City and Long Island participate in this league. In fact, this year there will be over 120 teams competing in all different age groups. The league has been around for over 3 decades and has served as a vehicle where young athletes and members of parishes get to meet and interact with each other. Lifelong friendships and bonds have been created amongst participants throughout the league’s existence. As noted on the Archdiocesan District website, the Athletic ministries have become an integral part of children’s fellowship with each other and the Church.

Look out for these young writers and be sure to check out our new NEO Youth Sports section.

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