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2022 FAITH Scholarship for Academic Excellence Application Now Available

By on April 25, 2022

“FAITH: An Endowment for Orthodoxy and Hellenism” announced that the 2022 FAITH Scholarship for Academic Excellence application is available to download at thefaithendowment.org/scholarships. Eligible applicants must be active members of a Greek Orthodox parish and graduating high school seniors enrolling in a 4-year accredited U.S. university this fall. Scholarships are merit-based and can range up to $10,000 in value. Deadline for submission is June 20, 2022.

For eighteen years, FAITH has awarded academic scholarships to the community’s brightest and most promising young Greek American leaders who embody the scholarly intellect and academic achievement lauded by their Hellenic ancestors and the extraordinary spirit of community service and good citizenship in line with their Greek Orthodox Christian values.

“I am grateful for FAITH’s generosity and commitment to celebrating and encouraging Greek American young adults. It is such an honor to be recognized by an Endowment that voices the Hellenism, altruism, and innovation in our background,” said Callie Saric, a 2021 FAITH-STEM Scholar studying biomedical engineering at the University of Wisconsin.

Recipients of the FAITH Scholarship for Academic Excellence will join a network of over 600 young leaders from across the U.S. who are leading their campuses, career fields and communities.  From aspiring architects and educators to future biomedical engineers and data scientists, FAITH Scholars graduate at the top of their classes with accolades and titles—from National Merit Scholar and class president to scholastic team captain and student government president—and enroll in highly competitive universities across the country.  Their impact extends beyond the classroom as they use their talents and leadership to address the issues facing their generation today, such as social inequality, teen mental health, food insecurity and environmental sustainability, to ensure a healthy and hopeful future for their community, country and world.

“I thank FAITH for believing in my potential as a Greek leader, and this honor has inspired me even more to make the most of the educational opportunities I have to impact my community. It is an incredible honor to join the prestigious FAITH Scholar network, which is full of inspiring leaders across all fields who give back to the Hellenic and Greek Orthodox communities in profound ways. I am committed to giving back just like those who joined this network before me,” shared  Peter Bazianos, who received the FAITH Scholarship for Academic Excellence in 2021 and studies physics and electrical engineering at the University of Pennsylvania.

All applications must be sent by mail and postmarked by June 20th, 2022. Scholarship recipients will be announced in September and applicants are encouraged to follow facebook.com/faithendowment for updates. Scholarships are awarded on a merit basis with applicants given the option to be considered for additional financial need-based allocations by submitting supporting documentation. For full list of criteria and eligibility, please visit thefaithendowment.org/scholarships.

Founded in 2004 by a group of ten visionary Greek American leaders and philanthropists, FAITH: An Endowment for Orthodoxy and Hellenism is an independent 501(c)(3) organization that supports the development of innovative educational, cultural, and scholarship programs that promote an understanding of the Greek Orthodox faith, Hellenism, and of the relationship of the two to America’s history and multicultural landscape for young people. For more information contact info@thefaithendowment.org  or visit thefaithendowment.org.

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