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Greece defending the West, again!

By on October 28, 2021
Demetrios Rhompotis

Demetrios Rhompotis

On October 28, 1940, Greece did what she has been doing for the last couple of millenia, to say the least: she defended the West against a threat that almost destroyed it completely and this time from within, unlike during the Persian invasion, for example. The Axis alliance wanted to remake our western world first, and then the remaining, in a way that not even communism, a little later, managed to contemplate. Fortunately, and after millions of dead people and massive destruction, Fascism and Nazism failed, although they remain alive and well as mentalities of certain individuals, both from the right and the left. In one of history’s biggest ironies, Greece in 1940 was under an autocratic regime, similar to the ones in Italy and Germany. Unlike the majority of the people in the aforementioned countries, though, Greeks didn’t stop being free and the declaration of war by Italy in the morning of 28 of October gave them a kind of release, a way to reconfirm their freedom by fighting for it. The rest is history. Thanks to “little” Greece, the tide of the war started to turn, the first victories smashed the undefeated image of the Axis forces. The invading Nazis a few months later in Macedonia, never broke the Metaxas defensive line: they had to surround the unrelenting fighters.

Today Greece is answering the call to another threat for Europe and the West in general: targeted massive illegal migration through Turkey of mostly-Muslim refugees, or jihadists, with the aim to establish fundamentalist enclaves in various countries in order to use them to advance their plans of initially destabilizing and later Islamizing them. For countries with small and aged populations like Greece, the threat is existential. But also major EU countries like Italy, France and Germany are facing the consequences of this new reality on a daily basis. Watching commandos with rifles patrolling Paris is already part of the sightseeing experience there.

A year and a half ago, Turkey, using the illegal immigrants that have amassed in her territory, and utilizing them as attacking weapons, tried to breach Greece’s northern border, sending hundreds of thousands of them to cross it. Without international help, Greek police mostly managed to stop them and this invasion failed. They will come again, though: Erdogan is threatening every day, blackmailing the EU to send him more money. This hybrid war is far more dangerous than any other in the past and the world must come to the help of Greece massively and timely. If the country’s borders are breached, it will be too late for Europe to stop the tide: no other line of defense will be possible. Greece again is defending the West, but this time can’t and shouldn’t do it alone!

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