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Friends, we need your help!

By on July 3, 2021
Demetrios Rhompotis

Demetrios Rhompotis

I hope this message get to you before you go to Greece and Cyprus and you spend all your money, bringing back beautiful memories and credit card bills that will remind you of your vacation for many months to come!

We are in trouble! Well in the 2nd year of Covid and while things look already much better, difficulties persist and uncertainty prevails in many areas. This is especially true for printed media because expenses run high and support is harder to get.

Many of the businesses that advertise in NEO are facing critical difficulties themselves and understandably haven’t been able to make payments on time. We can’t pressure them to do so because they have been with us for years and we know their problems are as real as ours.

Despite the difficulties, we managed to keep publishing regularly, as we have been doing in the last 16 years, thanks to your help. Unfortunately, we are currently facing major difficulties due to lack of funds. We know eventually checks from previous issues will come in, but because of the crisis, it will take more time. Our payments however to the printer and the people who make this beautiful magazine possible can’t wait…

So, we are doing a fundraiser campaign on Facebook until September 10. We need to collect $25,000 so that we can pay our debts and start with a clean slate in September. It’s a big feat, but I know you are out there and you love this magazine. Please, go to Facebook, find my profile Demetrios Rhompotis, you will see the fundraiser and the button DONATE. You can contribute any amount you wish, using your credit or debit card. Even something small helps big because others see it and are tempted to give, too.

If you prefer anonymity you can go on our web page–Support NEO magazine now! – NEO Magazine–and you will see plenty of options to support your favorite magazine and one of the very few remaining in our community.

If that’s too complicated, you can make a check to Neocorp Media and mail to Neocorp Media, PO BOX 560105, College Point, NY 11356.

There are plenty of ways to help and you don’t need to overspend, a little good will is needed and the understanding that as individuals we are part of something bigger, out community and its institutions, an important one of which is NEO magazine. Help us keep this publication alive and strong for the benefit of Greek America and Hellenism at large.

From all of us at NEO, many thanks and have a beautiful summer!

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Demetrios Rhompotis is Publishing Committee Chairman at NEO Magazine. E-mail: dondemetrio@neomagazine.com. Phone: (718) 554-0308