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Happy Easter!

By on April 29, 2020
Demetrios Rhompotis

Demetrios Rhompotis

According to the Greek Orthodox tradition, Pascha lasts 40 days: it officially ends on Ascension Day, which this year is May 28. So, the fact that this issue came out barely a few days after Easter Sunday doesn’t make it late, we are still on time! Actually, just publishing during COVID-19 is a feat by itself. Many companies that we contacted for Easter wishes are temporarily closed. Our printing company closed, too, and we had to look for a smaller one with just a couple of people working who could print this big magazine.

Despite all the problems, however, and the general dark and uncertain mood surrounding everything, we managed to come out with a beautiful issue, full of interesting stories and heartfelt Easter messages from our supporters that, once more – during the most critical time maybe in our 15 years of history – stepped up to the plate and delivered! We are grateful for your tangible and real help in these trying times and we take your gesture as an extra incentive to work harder and become better, one issue at the time. We won’t let you down! Despite our busy schedules and the other jobs that we have, we will find the time and energy to continue this project, because as your support proved time and again, it’s necessary for our community and it already has become a valuable Hellenic American nexus across the states and the ocean.

Christos Anesti, Happy Easter! Stay healthy and strong until this crisis too is over. The Greek word Pascha comes from the Hebrew word Peshah that means passover. For the ancient Israelites it meant the passing from slavery to freedom. For us Christians it signifies the passing from death to resurrection. And nowadays let us hope will come to signify the passing from the COVID-19 siege to liberation …

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