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Shall we sign up the kids for a Greek Language Summer Camp this year?

By on March 24, 2020

When you think it is not even spring yet, summer feels quite distant. However, it is never too early to start thinking about summer plans. Especially those of us who have to arrange long and expensive flights for the whole family. And it is definitely never too early to start thinking about signing your kids up to a Greek Language Summer Camp. For those of you who are still in doubt here are just a few of the numerous benefits that our program at the Greek LOL (Lessons OnLine) Summer Camp offers to children.

Friendships and Social Skills 

Talk to any of the children who participated in the Greek LOL Summer Camp last year and while some of them will talk about horse riding and how much they loved a lot of the activities they did there, all of them will mention the Greek friends they made and the bonds they created. It may seem scary at first and quite a few kids find the first days at the Camp challenging. However, within a couple of days kids take social risks by approaching and making new friends. In this way, they become more independent and they get a great self-esteem boost. Plus they go through a fun experience and make memories that bond them with their new friends for life.

Fitness and Health

Do not get us wrong, we do love technology! Technology is great, it makes our lives easier and simpler. However, kids nowadays do spend a lot of time physically inactive. A summer camp is the perfect way to awaken your child’s craving for physical activity. Through activities that feel like movie adventures like treasure hunts, kids who take part in a Summer Camp have the chance to use all their senses and muscles and spend a few weeks in the summer being fit and active in a very physical way. Who knows? Maybe this will inspire some of them to stay active in winter as well.

Learn Greek in Nature

When was the last time your children spent a day of learning in nature? A summer experience like the Greek LOL Summer Camps, gives the chance to kids who spend most of their year in front of screens to spend a few days closer to nature. And while we do love our computer screens a break is always beneficial in order to show kids that they can have a good time without their favorite computer game. Especially when this good time means learning Greek in a natural paradise designed to show kids the time of their lives.


Authentic Language Learning Opportunities

The aim of any respectful Language Summer Camp is to provide students with the opportunity to produce and hear instances of authentic language. In this way, a language camp experience like the Greek LOL Summer Camp means that your children will be speaking or hearing Greek all day. In class but most importantly out of class. They will hear authentic dialogues between native Greeks, they will have to express themselves in Greek to ask for something, they will play in Greek with native Greek children and by the end of their stay they will be more confident with spoken Greek than you could ever imagine! 

So shall we sign up the kids for the Greek LOL Summer Camp this year? It might seem like a decision that has its challenges, however it also seems like you won’t regret it and they will never forget it. Try getting in their place for a second… Wouldn’t you love it if you could as a child spend some days away from home, in a place that is designed to show kids an amazing time while keeping them safe and supervised, making friends from Greece and all over the world and participating in sports and activities while waking up close to nature every day? It sounds like the perfect chance for an unforgettable summer in Greece.

For more information their website is greek-lol.com/greek-summer-camp

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