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Kurds against …Turds!

By on October 26, 2019
Demetrios Rhompotis

Demetrios Rhompotis

Greece should demand permission from the US to occupy 30 kilometres worth of Turkish territory in order to relocate there the illegal immigrants that come from Turkey! Sounds like a joke? It shouldn’t be! It’s exactly what Turkey is doing in Syria– along with what it knows best: killing civilians! And the pretext for invading a foreign country is as ridiculous as was the 1940 ultimatum by the Italians, delivered at 3:00 to the Greek prime minister. That, however, was 80 years ago and we’d expect that in this day and time, bullies would elaborate their schemes more, to make it easier for the public that–thanks to the mass media, social or otherwise, is the entire world–to swallow. But Erdogan and his Turks don’t have time for niceties: to them rules are good so long as they serve their plans.

When first elected, Turkey’s modern day sultan was pro- European, pro-human rights and for more democracy. All that until he got rid of the Kemalist deep state, only to put his own in place with the aim to recreate the Ottoman Empire at the expense of the surrounding “infidel” countries. Well, Kurds and Syrians are also Muslim: but, again, not Erdogan’s type, so they are expendable.

Too bad President Trump seems to believe the same, greenlighting Erdogan’s latest adventure and then brokering a cease fire that concedes everything to the invader! But when you give Erdogan whatever he wants it’s not a negotiation–it’s surrender, Mr. President and I’m surprised that you, “the Master of the Deal”, failed to notice that! What’s with this fricken Erdogan, anyway? First he mesmerized Obama, and now he’s domesticating Trump! And to think we were afraid of …Putin!

Moreover, Turkey’s aggression and lack of consequences, as was the case in 1974 with the brutal invasion of Cyprus, opens up her appetite for more, and rightly so. A few days ago, the Turkish foreign minister spoke with a map showing areas of Syria, Iraq, Cyprus, Greece and Bulgaria as parts of Turkish territory—using it as his background! Weeks prior to that, Erdogan spoke with a map indicating that half of the Aegean Sea belongs to Turkey!

Trump let Erdogan open his Pandora’s Box by invading Syria and the mess won’t be restricted to that country and the victims won’t be just Kurds, as if that weren’t enough! The Turkish de facto dictator will go for more and Greece and Cyprus have every reason to feel threatened, especially after seeing how Washington treated its steadfast allies, the Kurds.

Until Erdogan is swallowed by his own hubris and removed from power, Turkey will be a pariah and an unpredictable aggressor putting at risk the entire region. It’s time for the US to take action, and not just sanctions, to ensure that Ankara will learn a lesson. Guaranteeing Cyprus and Greece territorial integrity and Exclusive Economic Zones will send the right message and will restore confidence in the US foreign policy and power that, after Erdogan’s invasion in Syria, has reached its nadir…

…B.S. 1)Life is like a cigar! It may last long but eventually comes to an end…

2) A selfish person is like a …shellfish! Shelled in himself…

3) When everything looks like a bad joke a real joke might save the day…

4) Turkey already harbors jihadists! Erdogan is one of them!

5) You don’t need to study the American politics for years as I did, nor read thousands of books. Just watch “The Distinguished Gentleman” with Eddie Murphy! It came out in 1992 but it’s as fresh as our daily bread!

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