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NYC Based Singer / Songwriter Annamaria Crowned “Miss Greek Independence 2018”

By on April 14, 2018

NYC’s 2018 Greek Independence Day Parade will feature the newly crowned talent, celebrating the 197th Anniversary of Hellenic Independence, on Sunday, April 22nd, along Manhattan’s 5th Avenue. Having kicked off a phenomenal 2018, NYC based Singer/Songwriter Annamaria (Annamaria Fazio) has been using her talents to promote her Greek roots this Spring as Miss Greek Independence 2018.


On the heels of her latest release “Affection” (now available via iTunes, Spotify, Amazon & more), the 17 year old Annamaria has already garnered great praise from the likes of Manhattan Digest, No Depression and The New Nine. Asked about her Greek roots she said that “as both Greek and Italian, I grew up around music and dancing. They were part of my everyday life” and that “watching my family and friends not be afraid to dance and sing in front of other people helped boost my confidence as well.’”

The Singer/Songwriter has been honing her craft for as long as she can remember, saying “I always listened to music and wondered what my own words would sound like along with it. One day I finally sang and played along with a song on the radio…and I was hooked!

Working with Emmy Award-winning producer/singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Eren Cannata (son of Billy Joel saxophonist Richie Cannata), she has been writing and producing music – all original, radio-ready, and all immediately viable. Pairing the two was not coincidental, but a canny move by the young talent’s manager – John Casale. “I wanted a producer who’d be sensitive to Annamaria’s music and serve it well. Richie was the one, his experience and taste shows in every note.” Adds Cannata, “Eren and Annamaria have worked so well together. She’s the most prolific young artist we have worked with in years. She is on her way to great success in this industry!


With her latest track “Affection”, she’s begun sending out to the world her own brand of fresh new R&B and Soul laden pop music with a distinctly powerful vocal edge. “Kiss me, love me, like no one’s in the room // You miss me, you want me, then show me you do // Need your love and attention, all your affection” sings Annamaria in the sleek and passionate track the brings her smooth vocal tones to the forefront over a subtle yet powerful backing track.

Though she lists her favorite artists as Tori Kelly, Justin Bieber, Michael Jackson, Demi Lovato, and Christina Aguilera – her own music remains truly original.

To Purchase Annamaria’s Latest Single “Affection” via iTunes, VISIT: http://apple.co/2krUmb9

LISTEN: Annamaria’s “Affection” via Spotify

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Instagram: @AnnamariaaOfficial

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