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Super Size Me! (Uncut & Uncensored)

By on January 14, 2018
Demetrios Rhompotis

Demetrios Rhompotis

When it comes to cigars (and clarinets) size matters! Here, with a merciless and unapologetically humongous Cuban before Trump’s (and my doctor’s) embargo is reinstated… Have a beautiful and inspiring 2018! May all your …drinks come true! This new year enjoy fully, work wisely, save more time than money and try making the circumstances rather than been made by them… And keep supporting NEO! Together we can do great things look …tiny by comparison! ¡Venceremos!

Demetrios Rhompotis

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Demetrios Rhompotis is Publishing Committee Chairman at NEO Magazine. E-mail: dondemetrio@neomagazine.com. Phone: (718) 554-0308