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Season’s Greetings…

By on December 5, 2015
Demetrios Rhompotis

Demetrios Rhompotis

In the aftermath of the recent acts of terror in Paris I wrote a commentary in which the following was stated: Now that ISIS has claimed responsibility for the terrorist attacks in France and before we start bombing the shit out of …Saudi Arabia as we should, it’s imperative that ALL major and minor Muslim organizations come out en masse and condemn the perpetrators! While we cannot hold all Muslims responsible for heinous acts of violence committed in the name of their religion, time and again ruthless criminals have sprouted from their midst, indicating that either the teachings of Islam or its environment facilitate their development. There is no way for the West to isolate and eradicate those pathetic barbarians as long as the …normal Muslim faithful remain silent, allowing the hijacking of their religion to continue at the expense of innocent lives. The blood of the victims is on their hands as well, actually as badly!

Don’t take me wrong, religious fanaticism in general must be condemned! But Islam (peace in Arabic) seems to have an inherent tendency to violence. On the Saudi flag, the Koranic verse goes glove in hand with the unsheathed scimitar.

It is imperative to create safe heavens in Syria and Iraq in order for the displaced people to find refuge there instead of channeling more billions of dollars to …Turkey of all places that uses the refugees to make money and to destabilize Europe! And hold accountable Saudi Arabia and the rest of the nomadic fiefdoms in the Arabian peninsula that support ISIS!!!

According to reports two of the perpetrators of the terrorist attacks in France entered European Union through the Greek island of Leros this past October! Thousands of Syrian refugees are pushed to Greece via Turkey every week and the fear that among them terrorists will be harbored has proven true. Besides their religion, terrorists are hijacking the caravans of the displaced people ISIS created in Syria and elsewhere, threatening Europe with a supply line of terror and instability.

Of course no measures of that nature have been taken so far, with the exception of some billions and other goodies channeled to Turkey in the hope that she might keep the refugees in her territory something that she has no real interest in doing and perhaps it’s beyond her power anyway. Who can stop thousands of hopeless people from taking rafts and anything that floats and try crossing the Aegean? They did not escape the ISIS or the Taliban terror in the case of the Afghanis and the misery of Pakistan and Somalia to stay in …Turkey! It is Europe they want – who can blame them for that? – and there they will go. But first stop is Greece and the real nightmare, for them and the Greeks, will start if they are forced to remain therein with the neighboring countries closing their borders. More than 700,000 have reached Greece this year alone, adding disproportional burden to a bankrupt country with a population of roughly 11 million and with already another million and a half immigrants from previous waves. And the night is young…

Merry Christmas and stick to the season’s spirit, whatever that is! Perhaps the best way to face the dispirited times we live in…

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