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Spring Awakenings …

By on May 18, 2015
Demetrios Rhompotis

Demetrios Rhompotis

Now that the weather in New York has cleared a bit–in fact it reminds me of August in middle May, and the temperature went kind of upwards along with my blood pressure–I have resumed my early-walk routine. Besides the health benefits, both physical and mental, those outings into the wilderness of my neighborhood also have an informative and even educational value.

First of all, you get to see your neighbors, old and new, because that’s when most of them emerge from their homes to go to work. Just like the ants! Women appear always well-dressed, with the right amount of excessive makeup and the eagerness of somebody who has a purpose in life (like buying something they can’t afford). Men are the opposite! Most look downwards, quasi-unkempt, although it’s hard to tell under the guise of the suit and tie, and they are in a rush to finish that cigarette before they get onto the bus or their cars. They are not allowed to smoke home, and the restriction has been extended by their wives mostly, to include the car as well! Their lungs might look worse than an old air conditioner’s filter, but their cars are cleaner than their clean-shaven faces!

During my morning walks I can also tell who, especially from the older clan, made it through this latest harsh winter. Unfortunately, far too many, but that’s a different story; let us remain positive and breathe in the morning spring beauty, before clouds crowd in and they unleash another relentless rain whiplash on my bald but not bold head!

Another breathtaking sight are the young, slender and permanently smiling oriental (Chinese and Korean) girls that you meet in abundance once you are out! They remind me of ballet dancing as they move their fat-free hips with grace, one hand holding the dog’s lease and the other a shopping bag with the morning’s dog shit! Talking about freshness and the start of a new day …

Spring is undoubtedly the most beautiful season of the year if you are on the east coast. The fact that it might be too beautiful sometimes shows how far we have come in appreciating the Winter of Our Discontent …


1) Dreamer and daydreamer are two different things: One dreams while sleeping, the other sleeps while dreaming …

2) If you look at the mirror and you don’t like what you see, it’s not the mirror’s fault …

3) A good friend is one that’s close when you need him or her. A best friend is the one that knows when to leave you alone!

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