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For a …Bittersweet Easter!

By on April 16, 2014
Demetrios Rhompotis

Demetrios Rhompotis

Many years ago, I had a Jewish accountant – now for some reason they are all Cypriots! – who used to tell me that “you Greeks (with a Yiddish accent, making “r” sound like the Greek “γ”) are very lucky. You get to celebrate both Christmas’ (he thought I was Old Calendrist) and Easter one week after and buy all your gifts at half price.” Alas, it is not the case this year, and a glance at prices in various stores made me feel nostalgic of when Pascha is not just one week but some times way after the Western Easter! I stood like a poor child contemplating those trophy-beautiful Italian Perugina dark chocolate eggs and I was engulfed with sadness, thinking how am I going to afford them this time (not just to give as gifts, but for me as well, if not mainly). And when I was about to be seized with despair, to even contemplate the possibility of breaking into a store and grabbing those eggs as if it were rightfully mine, an avalanche of advertising poured in – as you can see – and darkness became light, night gave way to day, sadness was overtaken by joy! There is hope in Hellenism, after all, and humbled as I am, allow me to thank you all, on behalf of the entire NEO crew, for stepping up this year as well to ensure that we can all afford our chocolate eggs (along with hand-decorated Easter candles and some good handmade cigars) and have a literally bittersweet (that’s the eggs’ flavor) Pascha!

Seriously now, this time too your generosity has been displayed and once more you have assured that NEO will have its expenses covered during the “drier” summer months. There are so many great causes around to give some of your money and the fact that you preferred us means a lot. Besides the actual, material help, it’s also a vote of confidence on what we’ve been trying to do for the past nine years and the not small feat that this project keeps growing and getting better is an accomplishment which you have every right to share as yours as well.

I also want to welcome those who advertise with NEO for the first time and assure them that their business or products will be showcased through the magazine to one of the most dynamic segments not only of the Greek American community but of the American society as well. The magazine opens the door to new people and opportunities that promise a remarkable journey which even if it doesn’t take you to Ithaca, to paraphrase Kavafy, at least will bring you to some other equally beautiful islands!

Happy Easter – Καλό Πάσχα to all!

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