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A Super Cool Teacher!

By on January 15, 2014
Kyriake-Melina Robotis

Kyriake-Melina Robotis

by Kyriake-Melina Robotis

I’d like to tell you about a super cool person out there. She hails from Greece, she is one of the best people I’ve met, and she loves to eat chocolate and drink coffee. She is my teacher, Ms. Evangelia Giamadakis, and she works at PS 21, in Queens, New York.

Let me tell you about her: she is a coffee and chocolate maniac and whenever she reads my stories, she says, “Wow! I need chocolate!” She gives fair homework and less in weekends so that we, kids, can have fun. She’s also the best on holidays, like Halloween. She knows how to treat children and when to push us or let us go. And she’s soft-spoken, she hardly ever yells and that makes me want to go to school every morning.

She has helped me a lot in my writing, especially doing conclusions and using the right punctuation. She is a very good teacher and yet fun.

Ms. Evangelia Giamadakis

Ms. Evangelia Giamadakis

In conclusion, Ms. Giamadakis is one of my favorite instructors and I wish I could have her every year. That’s how much I love her!

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