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Seasoned Greetings!

By on December 14, 2013
Demetrios Rhompotis

Demetrios Rhompotis

Once more we are blessed to have reached this Holiday Season, concluding another year with in and outs, ups and downs. It’s times like this that we all turn more philosophical, the end and the commencement of a cycle – although I personally believe time is linear, doesn’t go in circles, but for the sake of the argument I will conform to the so-called conventional wisdom – help us reflect on some things and deflect on others because deviation from “normalcy” is a must during a special occasion otherwise it’s simply a routine (although routine doesn’t have to be simple).

Despite problems we all face in our private and public lives, despite the sad reality that our world both immediate and distant is more messed up than orderly and suffering is the norm in many places, finding the strength to celebrate is imperative and the sensitive thing to do because we are humans after all and we can still shape our feelings up to a point instead of just reacting to externally caused emotions of which we have little control. Holidays could signify another confirmation of our free will as persons and it takes a lot of guts to really feel good and grateful.

So, this Christmas be brave and celebrate! Leave the worries and the guilt aside, for when the bills will come or when our garments will refuse to clothe us because of the extra weight, there will be time for “atonement”…

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