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Multi-Talented Singer-Songwriter Angelina Alexon

By on September 7, 2013
by Pandora Spelios
Angelina Alexon

Angelina Alexon

We recently met with an up and coming popular singer/songwriter and asked her all about herself and her music and we wanted people to learn more about this popular youtube sensation – Angelina Alexon.

Where are you from originally?

Thessaloniki, Greece. My original name is Angelina Alexon Tsiopoulos.

How would you describe your voice and music?

I have a 4 voice octave range, soprano. The styles of music I sing are pop, soul, r&b, and jazz.

Where have you performed?

My performances have been in Europe, mainly in Spain (Barcelona and Andalucia), and in Greece (Thessaloniki, Skopelos, Paros), and in New York in different venues in Astoria and Manhattan.

You have collaborated with a famous music Producer Andre Betts. Tell us more about that.

Yes I am lucky to have worked with Mr. Betts who has worked with many artists such as Madonna (co-produced “Justify My Love” and “Erotica” album), also Lionel Ritchie, Chaka Khan, Living Colour – he has now co-produced with Bernard Hawkins – 3 original pop songs of mine… all in English.

Angelina Alexon

Angelina Alexon

How many languages do you speak and write?

Greek, English, French, Spanish, and Italian but I write lyrics basically in English and some songs in Spanish and French too.

What is the message of your very successful music video on youtube -“Carry On “?

It ‘s that despite people’s problems there is also always a sign to carry on… there is always hope. That’s what I try to say through my lyrics, to send that out to all out there. Issues like domestic violence, unemployment, daily routines, problems, are reflected in the scenes of the video.

Who worked on the video for you?

The filmmaker Daniela Croci, a wonderful crew and a group of actors.

What is coming up soon with your music?

The upcoming new song is a surprise because its title and theme will contain a Greek word. We are still working on it. Lionel Chance (Fewtcha) also did some incredible work with some of my original dance pop songs.

Youtube Angelina Alexon – Carry On



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