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The Ahepa Delphi Chapter 25 Supports The Icarus Assistance Organization and Celebrates 100 Years

By on October 27, 2023

Throughout its 100-year history the Manhattan chapter of AHEPA, the Delphi Chapter No. 25, has had a vital role in serving the Greek community both here and abroad.  AHEPA was founded on the Ancient Greek principles of philanthropy, education, civic responsibility, and both individual and family excellence, and the Delphi Chapter continues this tradition with its latest effort, the support of the non-profit organization Icarus Assistance.

Icarus Assistance is a charity founded to provide financial support to the families of fallen pilots of the Hellenic Air Force. In doing so it also brings awareness to the daily sacrifices these pilots make to protect and enforce the sovereignty of Greek airspace over the Aegean.  These very same missions are not without their dangers.  Since 1990 125 servicemen from the different air force branches have lost their lives in the course of duty.  Many of these missions involve hazardous maneuvers and extreme conditions. So, it is not uncommon that flights will encounter mechanical failure or human error.  Remarkably, only two pilots lost their lives in direct engagement with Turkish aircraft.

But, for the families of these pilots, it’s not just the pain of losing a loved one; it’s also the financial burden they face.  In many cases the pilots are the sole breadwinners for their families, and a loss of that income can be a major setback.  And this is where Icarus Assistance hopes to make a difference – to help sustain these families during a difficult time.

Icarus Assistance is the brainchild of a core group of members from Delta Chapter No. 25 including Denis Seretakos and Argyris Argitakos. Seretakos serves as President.  Their efforts to develop the organization found great support from AHEPA.  Back in July, at the annual 101st Supreme Conference in Las Vegas, Icarus Assistance was unanimously approved by the General Assembly as an AHEPA National Project.  This support really bolsters the reach and scope for the newly created charity.

Most recently, the Delphi Chapter held an “End Of Summer Celebration” and fundraiser back in September to not only celebrate being awarded the “2023 AHEPA Chapter Of The Year Award” but also to also raise awareness and spearhead support for Icarus Assistance.  And, very closely on the horizon, the Delphi Chapter will be celebrating its 100th Year Anniversary with “The Centurion Legacy Ball” at the Harvard Club in Manhattan.  The black-tie event will honor and celebrate all those who have laid the foundation for the Chapter’s legacy and those who have shepherded its mission to the national and international spotlight.  There will be live music and a tribute to Maria Callas.  Part of the proceeds will benefit “ARISTEiA,” the Institute For Advancement of Research and Education in the Arts, Science, and Technology.

For more information on Icarus Assistance, their website is IcarusAssistance.org.  More info on AHEPA’s Delphi Chapter 25 at Ahepa25.org.

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