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Astoria Holistic Health: Discover Your Personal Path to Wellness

By on March 21, 2023

With our busy lifestyles, hectic work schedules, and often unhealthy eating habits, increasingly people are turning toward programs that offer holistic health solutions to manage weight loss and overall wellness.  The expression “you are what you eat” exists for a reason.  What we put into our bodies affects us physically, mentally and emotionally. How many times have we started those diets or cleanses, only to fall off the wagon? This is where having a coach and mentor-someone to hold your hand through that process with the knowledge base and commitment needed-can help you start and stay the course to achieve your wellness goals. Dora Fiotodimitrakis, aka Dora Fioto, is a board certified holistic health coach and licensed massage therapist, based in Astoria, NY, who is committed to finding solutions for optimum health, designed to meet your individual needs.

Many people turn to her for her expertise in weight loss and other chronic issues that they have not been able to resolve through a traditional medical route. Her clients, Dora states, “usually have an array of symptoms like bloating, constipation, headaches, poor sleep, body aches, skin issues, not feeling right in their body, and usually multiple medical conditions. By improving their relationship with food and making better choices these symptoms subside and the excess weight is released.” Dora works with the whole person, including the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects.  She provides the tools and education needed to help them achieve a better quality of life.

Dora’s inspiration to explore non-traditional solutions to wellness came to her when her son had eczema, a skin condition that causes dry, itchy, and inflamed skin. Doctors had prescribed different creams, but the condition did not improve. That’s when she decided to seek out a naturopathic doctor who assessed her son’s condition and determined that he was allergic to cow dairy. The solution was to replace the cow dairy with goat derived dairy products.  It worked. His eczema vanished and her curiosity about the connection between food and symptoms was piqued. Drawing even more inspiration from Hippocrates, the Greek physician of the Classical world, she delved into her studies about the power of food as medicine.  Dora, a member of Psi Chi, the International Honor Society in Psychology, has studied a lot about the psychology behind our choices, and, coupled with her studies in human nutrition, the next step for her was to combine these areas of expertise and start her own holistic wellness practice in 2016.

Dora’s program is unique in that it focuses on the whole person as an individual. It is a customized program with personalized coaching, nutritional education, emotional and energy work, support, and accountability where each client gets the guidance they need to achieve their goals. It’s an empowering approach to holistic health and wellness by helping them understand how their choices can help them in other areas of their lives, such as relationships and confidence building.  Another unique aspect of the program is that you will not be given a meal plan of what to eat.  According to Dora, “those can be found all over the internet and in hundreds of books. Many try diet after diet but don’t achieve the results they seek because deprivation and restriction cannot work long-term.  We take into account what you are currently doing, and your specific sensitivities and teach you how to do it better. Understanding your body, habits, and mindset behind those habits supports people in making real, lasting changes from a place of empowerment and choice.”

Dora also makes it a point to really get to know her client and spend time talking with them to help her better assess the current condition and symptoms that need to be addressed. Midway through the program there is an evaluation process where she and her client compare where they were when they started and where they are now, and where they want to be. Dora emphasizes the importance of people seeing how their choices impact their quality of life and the progress that has been made: “I like to quantify my clients’ experiences and keep very detailed records of their progress so they understand what is working for them and equip them with the ability to sustain the results long-term.”

Through coaching and guidance, Dora’s program helps us identify food and environmental sensitivities that can help us feel better.  According to Dora, “we eat everyday. That’s the one thing we all do. What we put in our bodies can help us or hurt us.  When we eat better, we feel better, and think more clearly.  Our sleep improves, our energy level improves, we have better mood, better bowel movements, fewer headaches, less bloating, less fatigue, etc.” And, yes, processed foods are the main culprits that affect our overall physical well-being. Increasing our intake of whole foods, in conjunction with other wellness techniques, like reiki and distance healing, can promote relaxation, stress reduction, and anxiety management, to help restore balance of energy. Dora specializes in these two wellness disciplines, as well as biomagnetism, nutrition response testing, and quantum entrainment, all of which can be done with amazing results through distance healing. While these techniques do not necessarily replace traditional forms of medical treatment, many medical professionals do encourage holistic healing as a supplemental wellness regimen.

With her program, Dora’s goal is to help her clients achieve sustainable lifestyle changes by understanding their choices and what motivates them: “By going to a deeper level, I help my clients apply their personal values, personality, and habits to sustain the changes they have made. This is a process because if we are doing things one way all our lives, it takes time to create new, healthier paradigms that are deeper and lasting. My goal is for people to be able to bounce back quickly and easily and enjoy life in the process!”

To learn more about the program and how Dora can help you meet your wellness and fitness goals, you can visit AstoriaHolisticHealth.com to schedule a free consultation.

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