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Greece in a Box: a new online documentary platform

By on December 24, 2020

a new online documentary platform

Greece in a Box is a freshly built online platform with a unique collection of award-winning documentaries about Greece, available for rent or purchase. Greece in a box was created to allow an international audience to enjoy and share unique Greek stories.


Special focus is given to projects promoting Greek history, identity and culture. From Greece’s most famous musical clan in Crete, to the uplifting story of Greek villagers who tackle the world market with organic tomatoes, and the human experience of population exchange between Greece and Turkey in 1922, the platform offers an amazing selection of films that capture the people, stories and events from Greece’s past.

Dolphin Man

Dolphin Man

Many of the films in the selection are accompanied by educational kits that offer children, families and teachers the chance to delve into important issues connected to Greece. These documentaries are also recommended for screenings within schools, universities, and other educational organizations.

The films are intended for private use and are suitable family and educational viewing. For further information about public or educational screenings, you can contact them at info@anemon.gr.

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