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“The Disobedient”: a new book by Semina Digeni

By on April 29, 2020
Author and former TV personality Semina Digeni

Author and former TV personality Semina Digeni

The latest book by author Semina Digeni is entitled “The Disobedient” and is published by the “Kaktos” publications in Athens. “The Disobedient,” a composition of research, study and fiction, with a cover of a wonderful painting by the internationally renowned artist Kostis Georgiou and curated by George Proestos, takes us to the “borderline” universe of an extinct utopian city, where some magical creatures live. On the 50th floor of a strange “Red Skyscraper” special personalities, writers, actors, poets, singers, scientists, etc. coexist and conduct exciting dialogues.  Among the 100 unruly “tenants” are Bowie, Lenin, Ninu, Einstein, Bernhard, Monroe, Kotopouli, Proust, Attila, Weinhaus, Lambeti, Veghos, Sarotingou, Framagou, F Sidiropoulos, Williams, Gogou, Picasso, Varnalis, Cobain, Vassiliadou, Hawking and others. A strange Babel, where strangely everyone agrees perfectly, even to an unexpected end.

By “hosting” these creatures in the universe of a living tower, the author, with possibilities of choosing seasons, emotions and areas on his floor, is seduced by them and creates strong bonds with them. He lives in the bizarre extension of their lives, with all that entails …

In an interesting twist, famous actors and actresses of the contemporary theater, are involved with the chapters of the book through small videos – single acts, which one can watch on the social media of “Cactus” publishing house and the author.

Actress Smaragda Karydi makes the recommendations of the book, actor George Kimoulis “coexists” with Saramago and Veggo in Macronissos, actor Giannis Stankoglou with his favorite David Bowie in London, actress Eleni Randou with Rinkink Roland Bart in Marika and Marika, actor Grigoris Valtinos with Einstein, Hawking and Weinhaus in Camden Town.

Author and former TV personality Semina Digeni through the book’s pages asks the question: Will this paradoxical world of the “Disobedient” finally manage to give everything an end or a beginning with the inspiration they deserve? Will they dare to make a decisive decision for the Memory of the World?

Well, read the book and find out …

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