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Mantalena Papadatou: “Tomorrow’s gifts are related to today’s work”

By on November 9, 2019

by Pandora Spelios

I had the pleasure of seeing Mantalena Papadatou perform on stage the play “Sons and Daughters” by John Calavrianos a few years back at the beautiful theater of the Greek Cultural Center in New York. Her talent was obvious from the very second the stage light lit her face. An explosion of colorful feelings handling them with a very skillful technique transforming from one character to the other with no hesitation creating a flawless result to her work was why she has been a working actress in New York the last few years.

A degree in communication and mass media wasn’t enough for her when she decided to change her career path and study acting. After a successful audition, she made it possible to get accepted at one of the elite American acting schools The American Academy of Dramatic arts in NY receiving a scholarship and graduating in 2015.


Mantalena’s career is taking off and on account of a new show she has been rehearsing the last few weeks I had the chance to interview her for NEO. 

You recently finished two successful shows. What are your plans for the upcoming season?

I’m in the middle of rehearsals for an ambitious performance called “Odysseus 1.0”. It is based on the Homeric epics, the Iliad and the Odyssey. The production is under the non profit organization DEUS EX MACHINA and it will be brought on stage by the director Fotis Batzas.

Can you reveal some more information about this project?

What I can say at this early stage of production is that it has been the most demanding work I have done to date. It is intended to be a solo performance using three different languages “ancient Greek, Latin, modern English”.

Is this going to be your first time solo performance?

In a way yes, this is going to be my first time and I hope not the last.

What is the American dream for you?

It is hard work, consistency and being true to your goal. Disappointment doesn’t exist on my vocabulary, all those little failures are the road to success even though sometimes everything seems to be against you..

How do you picture yourself in a few years from now?

To be honest with you, I try to live in the present. New York’s workday lifestyle keeps me focused to my short term goals without stressing about what the future will bring. I firmly believe that tomorrow’s gifts are related to today’s work.

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