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The Promise of Natural Gas…

By on March 13, 2019
Demetrios Rhompotis

Demetrios Rhompotis

It should not come as a surprise that huge natural gas reserves were spotted in Cyprus! Greek people are famous for producing natural gas in abundance throughout history! And it has always been exuded naturally, not the result of …drilling. True, it was never exploited commercially, it was mostly for pleasure or relief but it’s time to get serious about it and share it with the rest of the world – for a fee, of course! And while in the Greek world we have Lent but we don’t have Mardi Gras, lets institute our version of it, Mardi …Gas!

Our untapped natural resources are key in escaping the economic crisis and bringing both Cyprus and Greece to the forefront again as pillars of stability, prosperity and …colonic health. And if the Turks have a problem with that, as they always do, we can afford to be magnanimous: let them have as much of our natural gas as their heart wishes! They’ve always lagged behind us anyway and they’ve gotten a knack for it. We can’t deny them the pleasure if they ask for more…

Demetrios Rhompotis

a) Venezuela and Saudi Arabia are major suppliers of oil to the US, both corrupted to the bone and undemocratic. Yet, we demand regime change in only one of them. Why?
b) Starbucks should try improving its coffee, not US politics…
c) If you look at the mirror and you don’t like what you see, it’s not the mirror’s fault or problem…

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