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Hercules: In Search of a Hero

By on October 16, 2018

Eclipses Group Theater New York (EGTNY) presents Hercules: In Search of a Hero, based on Alcestis and Hercules by Euripides, conceived & directed by Ioanna Katsarou and translated by Demetri Bonaros.

Hercules: In Search of a Hero is a new theater piece presented by a multi-ethnic cast, combining excerpts from Euripides’ plays Hercules and Alcestis with original material to explore the meaning of heroism in our time.

herakles_farnese2In Alcestis, Hercules goes to the underworld and restores Alcestis to her family. In Hercules, he comes back from the underworld, is thrown into a god-induced frenzy and kills his own family. On the other hand, Alcestis sacrifices herself to save her family. Using as a launching point these two diametrically opposite actions by Hercules—the prototypical Greek hero—and Alcestis’ differently heroic act, we explore what heroism is/is not/could be in a modern context.
Using poetic language and images, the play challenges the conventional, masculine notion of heroism and contemplates a feminine alternative. It asks what counts as heroism in our time? Is an act heroic if it involves violence? Where is the place of women in the modern, Western mythology of heroism? And do we need to create new mythologies?

Eclipses Group Theater New York (EGTNY) is a nonprofit theater company that serves as a cultural bridge between Greece and the United States, promoting all forms of Greek drama, music, dance, poetry and literature. More on our website www.egtny.com

Limited Engagement: November 8, 9, 10 at 7:30 pm

For tickets please call LPAC at 718-482-5151 or visit lpac.nyc

Tickets $18

For more information, thore interested can contact Katerina Alexaki at 718-593-7289 or at email: info@egtny.com

Location: Mainstage of LaGuardia Performing Arts Center, 31-10 Thomson Ave. Long Island City, NY 11101

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