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The Magic Violin of Damian Dudu

By on August 18, 2018

by Angela Deisi

fb_img_1534436086905Damian Nelu Dudu was born in Romania. From his early age, he started playing violin and he attended the very famous university named “UNIVERSITATEA DIN CRAIOVA Department of Music”. Then, he moved in Athens, Greece and he attended the very well-known conservatory “FILIPPOS NAKAS”. He also started to teach violin to young children. During his 15-year presence in Greece, he collaborated with the most famous artists in Europe such as Anna Vissi, Antonios Remos, Charoula Alexiou, Sokratis Malamas, Stamatis Kraounakis, etc. He was also playing violin with the well-known group “DIMINUITA”, which is a very successful and famous band with outstanding performances all over Europe. Some years ago, he decided to focus only to a solo career. He has been named from a lot of journalists as “The Magic Violin”. Damian has a magical way when he plays his violin to fuse the gypsy swing with the Jazz.

There is no doubt that he is one of the most famous and talented European violinists.

He has appeared as a lead musician at the most distinguished organizations and venues such as Carnegie Hall, Megaron of Athens, Hunter College Theater, Herodus Atticus/Acropolis, Greek Consulate of New York, etc. We are waiting for him to appear as a starring musician as our sources have informed us to very important events all over New York. All of his events are always sold out. So, stay tuned with us about his new appearances.

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