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Greece, Colonoscopy and …Air Canada!

By on October 5, 2017
Demetrios Rhompotis

Demetrios Rhompotis

Unlike fruit, politics is always bad in August! That doesn’t leave us much to do, so this year I decided last-minute to go to Greece in full high season–and I got burned in more ways than one, as expected. Fortunately, I found time for a much-anticipated colonoscopy/endoscopy, which unlike anything else, was offered at a bargain price, compared with the US, that is. As I grow older and restless, medical tourism doesn’t seem so exotic anymore and Greece could be a prime destination for that as well! Just think for a moment, especially those of you who are looking for special experiences, who wouldn’t appreciate, let’s say, a five night stay in Mykonos with …colonoscopy included! I’m just saying …

Another discovery this year, which could be of interest to many of my readers, is Arkoudi island off the island of Lefkada, where I hail and sail from. Inhabited by more than 1000 wild goats, it also has its own water. The family that owns it has put it on sale for just 10 million Euros, a price that barely buys you a decent apartment in Manhattan. Nearby Scorpios island, which is smaller than Arkoudi, was sold by Athena Onassis to the Russian “manure king” for more than 100 million. Any Greek Americans with extra cash take notice before an Arab prince buys it and prohibits his and our women to bathe with bikinis – forget about topless!!! No need to mention what’s gonna happen to the goats… (If you think he’s gonna eat them, you are …partially right!)

Finally, I usually don’t do this, although I should, but I have to say that Swiss Air is exemplary! From the state of the planes, the ground and air service, the connections, everything was impeccable! Unfortunately, I can’t say the same about Air Canada, which was the exact opposite and reminiscent of Third World – with all due respect to the latter given the particular conditions… Even talking to one of their, usually oversized, in flight personnel seemed risky because they looked at me ready to fight instead of being of help! No flight entertainment either, and the food, which Canadians are rightly proud of, sucked to say the least!

If there are no other affordable seats in any other airline and absolutely last resort is Air Canada, bring your own TV, 15 books and a Tupperware full of keftedes for the long flight hours …

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