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Greek Pianist Nancy Kougioufa Interprets Early Works of Erik Satie

By on July 11, 2017

by Elias Maglinis*

Pianist Nancy Kougioufa

Pianist Nancy Kougioufa

Erik Satie, a strange playful composer (1866-1925) partially invested the miniature compositions, combining the romantic echo of the 19th with the romance and formalism of the 20th. Sati experimented in a drastic way, creating a small volume work but extremely special in depth and quality. His distinctively lyrical and subtle ironic, humorous sound, the subtle melancholy that distinguishes him, continues to touch both the simple listener and the demanding, suspicious music lover. In a new CD, The Early Piano Works of Erik Satie,  pianist Nancy Kougioufa who is systematically involved in the work of the French musician,  interprets with skill and sensitivity a number of pieces.  Small, crystalline atmospheres are created in every composition through the interpretation of the Greek soloist.

Nancy Kougioufa was born in Athens. Her musical education commenced when she was four years old. She studied piano and advanced music theory, completing her studies with honors. She studied under the music professors Mary Halary and Ifigenia Papadogianni at the National Conserbatory of Athens. Kougioufa took piano interpretation and performance seminars with Julian and Konstantin Ganev from Bulgaria. Her association with the field of visual arts, as the owner and curator of E31, a fine art gallery focused on contemporary art, led Nancy Kougioufa to become involved with the work of Erik Satie.

She works as a freelance musician.

* Elias Maglinis is a writer and journalist for the Athens daily Kathimerini.

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