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KOUROUNIA Portrait of a Greek Village

By on November 14, 2014

The village of Kourounia in Chios, Greece captured in stunning photographs by native son George Michalakis shows the lost world of the Greek countryside both haunting and beautiful

George Michalakis is a software engineer who grew up in Kenya and now lives in Athens, Greece. But his parents Dimitri and Maria were born and raised in the village of Kourounia in the mountains of Chios, Greece. George often visited the village when he was young and he visits it today—but this time he comes with his camera—and someday he hopes to retire there. “My visits have become more frequent,” he says, “because in Kourounia I find a calm, a peace, a world of traditional values, and a love and respect for nature. I’ve learned to share both my property and emotions. When I visit, I try to ‘live’ each moment and capture it with my photographs, because I know these moments are fleeting and I’ll never see them again. At the same time, this sacred place manages to show me something new and different each time.”

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