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ANEMόESSA: New Album by Vakia Stavrou

By on November 14, 2013


Vakia Stavrou, a singer and songwriter born in Cyprus and based in Paris, ex Sony Artist, who has performed in various venues across Europe, has released a new CD, “ANEMόΕSSA”, with 12 original songs of hers in Greek and Portuguese, modeled on her successful hit song ‘SOZINHA’ that she also wrote and sang in Portuguese and made her worldwide known via the playlists of various major radio stations in Europe.

“ANEMόΕSSA” also features two poems written specially for the album by the internationally acclaimed Portuguese novelist Jose Luis Peixoto. Vakia turned them into songs giving another twist to this musical journey.

“Bellaroussa”, the first track on this new album is the story of a call girl who is sinking daily into the trap of quick money and luxurious lifestyle but does not realize this futility of it until it’s quite late.

“Ime Edo”, another song, is a promise of friendship and loyalty that wasn’t kept.

“Filakto” on the other hand, is a statement of the will to change one’s life, take new challenges and reemerge with a strong vision for the days to come.

“Kita Me” is a soulful cry of the heart that has been shattered into thousands of  pieces after a love betrayal.

All songs were arranged by her collaborator in Paris, the Brazilian multi -instrumentalist Carlos Bernardo who has been a member of the Theatre du Soleil in Paris for many years. Therefore, the album is characterized by a very intimate and natural sound, an almost “personal” one:  acoustic guitars, Irish bouzouki, viola da gamba, charango, melodica are some of the instruments that Carlos Bernardo has used for the album.

The final mix of this project, belongs to the Parisian, Brifo – a sound designer, an arranger and ex member of the Gotan Project with a latest collaboration on Patricia Kaas’ album “kabaret”.

“ANEMόΕSSA” has already been on the playlist of the Radio France’s channel FIP and is available on www.cdbaby.com ,  iTunes, Spotify, etc..

Vakia Stavrou has given a number of concerts in Cyprus, Greece, as well as in Portugal and Paris (Theatre Romain Rolland, Theatre Athenee ). She’s scheduled to appear in other European cities, among them Berlin, on April 9th 2014.

For more information on the album and Vakia Stavrou her website is www.vakiastavrou.com

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