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June 2008

“Rumors of our Progress have been Greatly Exaggerated,” by Carolyn B. Maloney

In her just published groundbreaking book “Rumors of our Progress have been Greatly Exaggerated,” Carolyn B. Maloney, a Democratic Congresswoman and nationally recognized advocate for women’s rights and family issues, exposes the myth that women have achieved equal status with men in American society. Why, she asks, are women still getting paid only a little more than three-quarters of what men are being paid? What is the “Decency Deficit” and how can we pay it down? What is the so-called maternal wall and how can it be crossed? As the former co- chair of the Women’s Caucus, Congresswoman Maloney has access to a wealth of cutting-edge data on violence against women and how far behind women still fall in issues from health care to educational opportunities, from poverty to reproductive freedom. In exploring key concerns that directly affect women’s lives, she:

- Outlines eight goals we must achieve to establish America as the most woman-friendly nation in the world

- Tells the inspiring stories of well-known figures like Nancy Pelosi, Meryl Streep, and Mia Hamm to the thousands of “everyday activists” who have made a difference

- Informs readers about legislation currently in the works that will most impact women

- Presents “take-action” guides that will show women how they too can help make real progress for themselves and other women

Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney was elected to New York's 14th Congressional district (parts of Manhattan and Queens) in the House of Representatives in 1992, the so-called "Year of the Woman." Chair of the Subcommittee on Financial Institutions and Consumer Credit, Vice Chair of the Joint Economic Committee and former co-Chair of the Congressional Caucus on Women's Issues, she passed numerous bills to improve the lives of women and families. Her work on anti-rape legislation was the basis of a Lifetime movie, “A Life Interrupted” in which one of the major characters was Carolyn B. Maloney. Among her achievements is passage of legislation to end trafficking of women, improve women's health and reproductive rights, expand affordable child care, create a human rights commission in Afghanistan and provide funding for women's programs to combat the Taliban's oppression. She is also a champion for Hellenic causes on Capitol Hill and founder of the Hellenic Caucus.

“Mixing wit and outrage, Carolyn Maloney shatters the notion that the glass ceiling has been shattered and shows how the old boys club continues to hang a ‘no girls’ sign on the clubhouse door,” writes Arianna Huffington on the book. “Rumors of our progress have been greatly exaggerated’ offers a withering assessment of the dismal pace of progress then provides practical steps for kicking the struggle for women's equality into high gear. She is maloney, hear her roar.”

A highly recommended book, it can be purchased on amazon.com or wherever books are sold.

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