Demetrios Rhompotis
Dimitri Michalakis
Kyprianos Bazenikas
Committee Chairman
Demetrios Rhompotis
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Director of Operations
Kyprianos Bazenikas
Marketing &
Advertising Director
Tommy Harmantzis
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Public Relations &
Marketing Director

Margarita Vartholomeou
NEO Magazine
is published monthly by
Neocorp Media Inc.
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“The ancients were wonderful, but the modern Greeks are just as wonderful, and what they’ve done in America is a wonder in itself. NEO Magazine aims to record their energy, and vision and bridge the generation gap by honoring the achievements of young and old and the wonderful world they have created right here in America.”

D. Michalakis

Every issue will feature profiles of prominent Greek Americans and what they’ve done this year, what they’ve done in their lives, what politics they espouse, what business they practice, what books they read, what films they watch, what clothes they wear, where they travel, who’s been promoted, who’s been honored, who shuns the limelight but gets things done, who embraces it and never grows old.

Our special issues will include our Person of the Year in January, our tribute in April to Generations of successful Greek American families both prominent, and less visible, but equally accomplished, and our Greek Elite issue in June, which highlights the movers and shakers of the past year.

Editor in Chief:
Dimitri C. Michalakis

Lifestyle Editor
Maria A. Pardalis
Western Region Desk
- Los Angeles

Joanna Xipa
(760) 805-1691
Alexander Mizan

- San Jose Office
Andrea Photopoulos

Baltimore Desk
Georgia Vavas
New York:
ETA Press
Los Angeles:
Nick Dimitrokalis
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Graphic Design

Adrian Salescu
Athens Desk
Konstantinos Rhompotis
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