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January 2008

NY Times premier event with Chandris’ Greek Sun

The Greek Sun, a jewelery collection of some of Depy Chandris’ latest creations which in the words of the artist, link the past to the present, was presented recently in an exhibition organized by The New York Times at their brand new building on Eighth Avenue in New York. The National Tourism Organization of Greece was the co-host of this remarkable event that in turn inaugurated the newspaper’s new exhibition hall with a breathtaking overview of midtown’s skyline.

“It shows that our strategy to take Greek tourism to new heights, is working,” said George Tambakis, director of Greek Tourism Organization’s American Office, speaking to NEO at the reception for the exhibition’s opening. “The image of a new, dynamic, ever-evolving Greece has gone through the American tourist market and we now reap the benefits both in quantity and quality.”

This is yet another chapter in the legend of Depy Chandris and her jewelry, that link past and future with the brilliance of the present. “Quality is the secret, along with a dash of romanticism, a knowledge of history applied in an innovative way and using ultra-modern materials,” she explained. “Of course there is also the commercial aspect that spoils things, creating confusion in which the artist’s original idea is often derailed.”

What gives her designs their timelessness is the personal touch: her temperament is what inspires her. A butterfly with an authentic Victorian brooch in the center, feathers of gold and black and red galalite with a diamond, are just some of the elements that make her work instantly recognizable in London, New York, Switzerland and Athens.

Born in Athens to George A. Chandris, Depy studied several forms of art including gemmology, theatre and interior design in both London and Paris. She became a close friend of Andy Warhol and is known for her extraordinary designs, which are a unique blend of baroque exuberance and an acutely contemporary minimalist whiff. Like herself, the jewelry is original, witty and colorful, with a touch of the theatrical. Depy has exhibited her work in prestigious museums and galleries, including the Alexander Iolas Gallery and Spinks, and sold through many top retail outlets including shops on Fifth Avenue, New York.

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