A Concert Tribute to Manos Loizos

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The SYN-PHONIA BAND, a local NYC based Greek Band, with Aphrodite Daniel and Panos Chysovergis as it’s head, performed a Concert Tribute Tour of the songs of the late Manos Loizos on the 30th anniversary of his passing. Produced by AXIOCOM PRODUCTIONS INC and its Director Despina Axiotaki, the performances left a marked impression on it's audience.

Manos Loizos is considered one of the most respected Greek/Cypriot music composers of the 20th century. He was born on 22 October 1937 to Cypriot immigrants in Alexandria, Egypt and his parents hailed from a small village near Larnaca, Cyprus.

Loizos moved to Athens at 17 intending to study pharmacology but soon gave up his studies to concentrate on his musical career. He was a self-taught musician, with no formal musical arts training. By 1967 he had commanded the respect and loyalty of the finest names in Greek music and subsequently became one of Greece's legendary composers. He died on 17 September 1982.

A featured vocalist in the Concert Tribute was Harry Antoniou, the winner of ANTENNA’ s XFACTOR competition. Additional featured vocalists were Aphrodite Daniel, Panagiotis Andreou (winner of the best “Latin/Jazz Bassist in NYC”), Rena Tsapeals, Lina Orfanos and Christos Papadopoulos. Musical Director/Pianist from Athens, Panos Chrysovergis, arranged and conducted the performances under the SYN-PHONIA BAND.

The first of these performances was held on June 16, 2012 at New York’s Frank Sinatra School, at the Tony Bennett Concert Hall. Three additional performances took place for the benefit of The Greek Orthodox Metropolis of New Jersey, at New Jersey's Montclair State University on June 22nd, Philadelphia's Prince Music Theater on June 23rd and Baltimore's Hermes Center on June 24th.

"What a magnificent concert...the best I've seen outside of Greece! It left me mesmerized. Aphrodite, Rena, Panos, Harry, Lina, Panagiotis, Christos and the rest of SYN-PHONIA BAND...you were AMAZING. I am so lucky to get to see it,” Georgia Vavas from Baltimore, after the concert.

"I was at the Astoria concert and it was amazing! I would happily attend again," commented Evangelos Pappas.

The SYN-PHONIA BAND will present a repeat performance for those who missed the first tour at the hall of The Cathedral of the Holy Trinity in NYC on Sunday, September 30.

For further information their phone number is (646) 623-0270.


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