“Greece Through Your Eyes: A Photo Contest by Antenna TV

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Antenna’s channels around the World (Antenna Europe, Antenna Satellite, and Antenna Pacific) have launched their 3rd Photo Contest for all Greeks living abroad with great success, with photographs coming in immediately after the contest was announced in the media!

This year your participation is of utmost importance! Our greater goal is to support Greece, to unveil the beauties and the warmth of this place. We are joining our efforts with your favorite personalities to promote Greece around the world. For the first time this year, beloved personalities from all fields of Antenna join us and help promote and support our cause and strengthen our effort. They are uniting their will and creativity with all Greeks living abroad, in the attempt made by Antenna’s channels around the world to stand up for Greece, discovering and showing its most beautiful aspects! People from the news departments, the morning shows, performers, singers, TV presenters and everyone who is a part of the Antenna family is united with us and shares their view of Greece, allowing us to see Greece through their eyes.

This year the awards are two, and you decide for one of them! “PHOTOGRAPHER 2012” will be selected by Haris Christopoulos and will win: 2 return airplane tickets to Greece and a 5-day stay for 2 persons at Cape Sounio Grecotel Exclusive Resort, at one of the most stunning capes in the Attica region. Across the sparkling bay, the hotel offers stunning views of the legendary Temple of Poseidon, rises from a steep cliff that tumbles into the Aegean Sea and the Saronic Gulf. The second award goes with the title, “MOST LIKED 2012”. “Like” your favorite photograph and the one which will gather the most “Likes” will win the prize - an amazing camera!
Our effort does not end there! Following the end of the contest the photographs will be presented in exhibition venues abroad in order to show, some of the most beautiful aspects of Greece, thus attracting people to visit our homeland.

Wherever you are, at any corner of the world learn more about our contest and join us at www.elladaphotocontest.gr


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