Heritage Greece Program Meets High Expectations of Participants

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A study released by DEREE-The American College of Greece, confirms that the National Hellenic Society’s (NHS’) Heritage Greece program provides student participants with a unique and meaningful development experience while strengthening their feelings toward their Greek heritage, announced NHS Executive Director Timothy Maniatis.

Heritage Greece is a specially designed intensive two-week immersion program offered by the NHS in collaboration with DEREE-The American College of Greece that provides fully-funded educational, first-time visits to Greece for students.

In addition, the study indicates that the students’ high expectations of the program were met and that Heritage Greece’s holistic approach (the blend of educational, cultural and social activities) was effective in helping the students connect with the history and culture of Greece. The findings also suggest that exposure to Greek language was highly regarded and fully appreciated by the students.

“We value the feedback we received from our student participants and commend the efforts of everyone who helps to make Heritage Greece a success,” Executive Director Maniatis said. “The high marks are a testament to the high level of professionalism offered by our partner, the American College of Greece. We look forward to working with this data and using it to build an even stronger program for next year and the years to come.”

Heritage Greece is the only Greek American program that conducts a pre- and exit survey of its participants to measure the program’s effectiveness and impact on the students’ appreciation and understanding of their heritage and modern Greece. The pre-survey included 22 questions grouped into five categories. The post-survey included 67 questions grouped into seven categories.

In 2011, 20 Greek American students participated and their experience was complimented by ten students from DEREE-The American College of Greece.

More information on Hellenic Society and the program can be found at www.hellenicsociety.org.


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