The Greek Connection at the Royal Wedding

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Greeks marked a numerous and very well noted presence at the wedding of the year between Prince William and Kate Middleton (let us not forget, that the groom’s grandfather, Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, comes from the Greek royalty).

By Margarita Vartholomeou

The Greek connection at the wedding started with Prince William’s godfather, King Constantine, who was at the wedding with Queen Anna-Maria and their children Prince Pavlos, with his wife Marie Chantal, and Prince Nikolaos, with his wife Tatiana Blatnik. Queen Sophia of Spain was also there with her son Crown Prince Felipe with his wife Leticia. And Prince Alexander of Yugoslavia attended with his Greek wife, Princess Aikaterini.

The list also included Mrs. Chrystanthi Laimou, wearing a majestic creation by Kathy Heyndels, and Gianna Aggelopoulou-Daskalaki, with her husband Theodoros Aggelopoulos, to name just a few. In a light white dress, Gianna was ranked as one of the best-dressed ladies at the wedding.

King Constantine joked to the BBC before the wedding that he had written to his godson about the pending nuptials and had urged the royal pilot to concentrate on his flying and not think so much about his future bride.

“He's a hell of a nice guy, that's the important thing. I did actually mention to him in my letter to him when he got engaged - because I went through that experience myself - that it's quite dangerous to fly a helicopter when you're in love because you have to concentrate on keeping that machine in the air. I said 'Be careful, concentrate on that helicopter now and think of Catherine later on'."

Constantine described William as "straightforward, honest, hardworking and never losing his sense of humor." He believed Miss Middleton would be "superb" in helping the Prince in his "difficult task" serving the people.

The former king also stressed that William would wait his turn to be King. He dismissed recent polls which claimed that the majority of the British public would prefer William to bypass his father, who has become the longest serving heir apparent in British history.

"It works from father to son or mother to son and that's how it goes. They have to wait their turn... That's how it should be because we are not politicians. We don't strive for that chair. The chair is there if it's needed,'' he said.

He added: ''Don't believe in polls...polls of that type are of no consequence at all. If William and Catherine concentrate on the love that they have between themselves, tolerance between themselves and dedication to the people of this country, I think they will do a fantastic job.''

Around one million people thronged the centre of London to celebrate the wedding of the Prince to his Kate and huge video screens were set up so that everyone could enjoy the pageantry and romance of the ceremony.

London provided a perfect backdrop for the occasion, and absolutely everybody agreed that Prince William in his Irish Guard uniform was handsome and that Kate’s dress, by Sarah Burton, was sensational.

After a cloudy start and a sprinkling of raindrops, the weather held and the crowds made the most of a Royal Bank Holiday for this wedding of the decade.


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