Greek Americans in Support of Senator Snowe

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“Maine is a small State, of one million people, and 80% of the money for a campaign usually comes from out of State sources,”

said US Senator Olympia Snowe, a Republican elected in Maine, addressing a fundraising event hosted recently by Margo and John Catsimatidis at their 5th Ave. apartment, overlooking Central Park. Since elected to the U.S. Senate, in 1995, Snowe - born Olympia Jean Bouchles in Augusta, Maine, the daughter of Georgia Goranites and George John Bouchles - is facing for the first time a primary battle against a Tea Party candidate.

Senator Snowe, the last remaining Greek American in the Senate, referred to the generous support she has always received from the Greek American community and expressed her confidence for the upcoming electoral battle. So far, she is under attack in her home state from an extremist who opposes her moderate, common sense views and the attacks will only intensify as the election draws near to November 2012.

John Catsimatidis said that “it is so important that we re-elect Senator Snowe. Her leadership in the Senate and her closeness to the Greek American Community in the United States are crucial to the continued progress our Community has made over the past years. The Greek American Community is a national political force on both sides of the aisle and Senator Snowe is our representative in Washington. I hope to help her repeatedly during the coming campaign.”

Ed Cox, Chairman of the New York State Republican Party, was there, along with Senator Snowe’s husband and former Governor of Maine John McKernan, philanthropist Michael Jaharis, Pete Peterson, Co-founder of Blackstone Investment firm, Andy Manatos, Coordinator of CEH (Coordinated Effort of Hellenes), Rev. Alex Karloutsos, Telly Hoimes and Constantine Karidis among others.

For more information on Senator Snowe, her campaign and ways to help, her website is


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