American Hellenic Council Celebrates with Grand Fete

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Recently, the American Hellenic Council of California (AHC), the focal point of political activities of Greek Americans there, hosted its 36th Annual Honors Dinner Dance at the Omni Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles. For the second consecutive year, more than 400 people were in attendance and the event was sold out.

“This year we had a top-notch cadre of honorees and based on the attendees' feedback, the evening was deemed one of the most successful and well-planned l in the history of the Council,” stated Alexander Mizan, the AHC Executive Director. “On behalf of our Board of Directors, I would like to thank all the organizations, businesses and individuals that supported us again this year and have been standing by our efforts and causes in the past. We would have never been able to grow stronger without everyone's support and commitment.”

With award-winning actor John Aniston as the event's MC, this time the Council recognized the accomplishments of four exceptional Honorees – Chancellor Linda Katehi, Mr. Van Vlahakis, Professor Georgios Anagnostopoulos and Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL).

With several VIPs of the Greek-American community in attendance, the event acted as a great chance for the community to gather like it does every year. The award ceremony was exceptional and the honorees engaged everyone in attendance with their unique speeches. After the meal, the night was filled with Greek music from Margarita and the Takis Kokotas Band. On occasion, singers Alexia and Ariana Savalas who were also in attendance, took the stage and sang along and the bars were serving Metaxa in what turned out to be a night of dancing and truly Greek “kefi”.

The American-Hellenic Council is a non-partisan political advocacy organization with the aim to promote democracy, human rights, peace, and stability in Southern Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean, focusing on Greece and Cyprus, by informing the American public and the government about on-going issues and conflicts in the area.

Since its inception, in 1974, following the Turkish invasion in Cyprus, AHC has been the focal point of political activities of Greek Americans in California. The Council has become an effective and respected political lobbying group whose sole purpose is to lobby the U.S. Congress for the protection and promotion of Greek-American interests. During its existence, the American Hellenic Council has supported numerous Hellenic issues, has made political donations and raised significant contributions for members of Congress who support Hellenic issues.

Whenever any of the aforementioned issues come before the Senate or any Senate committee, the Council will inform all Senators and/or Senate committee members of Greek American position on these issues. After each vote, they will convey to all voting Senators the group’s gratitude or disappointment regarding their votes.

Similarly, when Hellenic issues come before the House or any relevant committee, the Council will inform all 53 U.S. Representatives from California and/or House committee members. “We are proud that 60 percent of the members of the CA Congressional delegation are currently active members of the Hellenic Caucus,” says Alexander Mizan. “Every year, we hold several fundraisers and receptions for Members of Congress and candidates who support Hellenic issues. Over the years we have also made contributions to and held many fundraisers for Hellenic-American candidates who have run for political office.”

The Council has successfully organized the 31 congressional districts of Southern California and is expanding its lobbying activities to the northern part of the state. We urge our members and friends to become active in the promotion and support of these committees,” said Michael Galanakis, the AHC President. “Thanks to our Congressional District Committees, the community has reached out to our Representatives and Senators through meetings, written correspondence, telephone calls, and emails to communicate the importance of Hellenic issues and ask for support when these issues come for a vote as bills or resolutions before Congress.”

More information on the AHC and its activities can be found at their website,


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