Dancing with the Stars!

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Dancing with the Stars was the theme of the 32nd Annual Dinner Dance at the Holy Cross Whitestone Philoptochos, held recenty at the Chateau Briand. President Nikki Kyriazis opened this beautiful night with a warm welcome speech and 1st Vice President and Chairlady of the event Joanna Phillips gave thanks to all donors for their wonderful gifts and introduced The Sol Dancers.

By Katherine Langadakis

The cause for this heart giving event was to bring awareness to breast cancer. We all know a lady in our lives that was affected by this unfortunate illness. Over 28 gifts were donated and the Fifty-Fifty raffle proceeds went to the Estee Lauder Breast Cancer Foundation, at Americana, Manhasset. The Sol Dance Center of Astoria, New York, gave a great performance presenting Spanish dances. There was also Greek music by Europa Sounds, which gave a spark and made everyone dance the night away. This was truly a very successful event. All the ladies from Holy Cross Whitestone Philoptochos gave their heart and soul for a very inspiring night.


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