Leadership 100 Supports Nationwide Youth Camps

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The Leadership 100 Executive Committee unanimously approved a $270,000 grant, in time to be used for the 2011 Metropolis/Direct Archdiocesan District summer youth camps.

This grant is intended to "strengthen Greek Orthodox youth as they grow in their Orthodox faith and appreciation of their Hellenic heritage," according to Constantine G. Caras, Chairman of Leadership 100.

The Leadership 100 Grant Committee, chaired by John Sitilides, along with members, Maria Allwin, Drake Behrakis, Justin Bozonelis, and George Tsandikos, unanimously recommended a proposal submitted by Rev. Mark A. Leondis, Director of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese Department of Youth and Young Adult Ministries on behalf of the Office of Camping Ministries. Detailed supporting statements from each Metropolis and the Direct Archdiocesan District were studied by the Grant Committee.

All funds will be used exclusively for programming, scholarships and ministries for each camp program. The funds will be presented to the Archdiocese Department of Youth and Young Adult, which then will distribute $30,000 to each Metropolis Hierarch for youth camps.

"Camping Ministries have played an integral role in the life of the young people in the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America for over 50 years," said Fr. Mark. "Young people who have participated in camping programs have become clergy and hierarchs, professors and professionals, successful members of the Greek Orthodox community in the Archdiocese," he added.

The primary purpose of this grant is to sponsor young people, who may not have the financial means and opportunity, to attend a Metropolis youth camp this summer and to share experiences with other Greek-American Orthodox youth. Funds may also be used by each Metropolis to pay for programs important to each camp.

Leadership 100 distributed $1,031,600 in grants in 2010. In 2011, $1,361,600 million has already been distributed, including $1 million to Hellenic College/Holy Cross School of Theology for scholarships. The School also received $250,000 as final payment on a four-year $1 million grant for Information Technology and $50,000 for the third payment of a five-year $250,000 grant for Vocation Ministry. The remaining $61,600 went for a variety of smaller grants. Leadership 100 grant distributions, since its inception, total $30.4 million.


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