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of Homer at 92nd Street Y

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After a year spent on an extraordinary journey to the four corners of the world, the international literary organization The Readers of Homer returns home with a unique all-night event at 92nd Street Y in New York City, on November 27, 2010.

In the splendor of 92Y’s Buttenwieser Hall, fortified by mulled wine and Homeric fare, 200 participants of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities, will gather to read, one after the other, through the night, Homer’s great poem. The pre-assigned segments may be offered in English, ancient or Modern Greek, or in any language of the reader’s choice, while the acclaimed English translation by Stanley Lombardo will be projected on a giant screen. Students, teachers, professionals from all fields, children and parents, are invited to experience – as participants or audience members – the life changing pleasures of reading poetry aloud.

At the onset of the evening, the renowned ancient Greek music ensemble Lyravlos, under the direction of Panagiotis Stefos, will offer a brief concert followed by interludes at the end of each Rhapsody. Throughout the night, the Odyssey will be echoed by contemporary dance pieces performed by the notable Choreo Theatro Company, under the direction of choreographer Irina Constantine Poulos and set to original music by the Slovenian group Silence. With the rising of the sun, the event will close with Four Meditations on War, a musical piece scored for bass-baritone and string quartet, conducted by composer Mark Latham. Created during some of the bleakest days of the war in Iraq, the composition reflects the complexity of this foremost Homeric theme, war, and all that arises from it: courage, cowardice, beauty, futility, heroism, love.

The Ministry of Culture of Greece has now officially placed the 27/11 marathon reading of the Odyssey under its aegis—which is a first considering it is a US-based organization and the event takes place outside Greece.

The Odyssey presented at 92nd Street Y is under the auspices of the Consulate General of Greece in New York, the Friends of the Library of Alexandria, Bard College and Fordham College at Rose Hill; and is supported by the Andres Mata Foundation, the Greek Theatre Foundation and Travel Dynamics International (list in development). All proceeds of the event will benefit the national and international programs of The Readers of Homer. The objectives of the organization include the revival of public reading, the recognition of the eternal immediacy of Homer, the honouring of the international translators of his epics, the offering of a multilayered audiovisual experience to the public, as well as learning and socialization opportunities to thousands of participants. Under the direction of Founder Prof. Kathryn Hohlwein and actor/producer Yannis Simonides, and with the support of a multi-talented group of colleagues, the Readers of Homer have recently presented extremely successful Homeric celebrations in the USA, Egypt, Uruguay, Greece, Italy and Turkey, and seek support in order to respond to an increasing number of invitations worldwide.

For participation and additional information:
Stephania Xydia
The Readers of Homer
Press & Public Relations
Tel: (001) 917.671.6984


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