Royal Wedding in Greece

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Prince Nikolaos of Greece and Tatiana Blatnik got married this past August at the Ayios Nikolaos Cathedral, in Spetses Island, Greece.

By Margarita Vartholomeou

According to the Associated Press, "Blatnik, 29, arrived in a horse-drawn carriage and waved to a crowd of well wishers gathered outside.” The 40-year-old Nikolaos arrived by “Afroessa,” the family yacht. On the guest list were royals from around the world who convened to celebrate the happy couple’s union. The groom’s parents, King Constantinos and Queen Anna Maria, former of the Hellenes, Queen Sophia of Spain, Crown Prince Felipe of Spain and his wife Princess Leticia were among the members of the royalty at the wedding. Tatiana's dress was designed by Angel Sanchez. Best men were the brothers of Nikolaos, Pavlos and Philippos, the three brothers of Tatiana, Boris, Igor and Attilios, and Nikolaos’ closend friend Nasos Thanopoulos. Metropolitan Bishop Efraim officiated.

The total number of guests, according to official estimates, is 370. Half of them were from Greece. The measures of protections undertaken were high.

The historic Cathedral of Ayios Nikolaos was built in 1800, at the place where the revolution against the Ottomans started, before any other Greek island revolted. The belfry is considered to be of exceptional artistic value and for the wedding was decorated with flowers and fruits from the Greek soil. Two big Greek flags were placed on both sides of the entrance to the church. The wedding reception was held at the Koutsi Estate of Spetses.


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