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July 2008

Illinois state treasurer Alexi Giannoulias the face of a new generation in politics

When he was elected to office on November 7, 2006, Alexi Giannoulias became at the age of 30 the youngest State Treasurer in U.S. history. But since Illinois’ economy is the 7th largest in the U.S. that means he’s responsible for investing $17 billion in taxpayer dollars on a daily basis! Two years later, as the fortunes of his mentor and friend Senator Barack Obama have risen at the White House level, pundits say that the energetic Greek American, who like Obama ran against many odds and won, is very close to becoming the youngest officer in even higher echelons. Some talk about the Senate, others about running for Governor, some even have him getting a position in the Obama administration.

“It’s good to be ambitious and want to do more, but I think you need to be focused on what you are doing right now,” Alexi said to NEO at a recent fund raising event in New York City, which his mother Anna and brothers Dimitri and George also attended. “My job is to be the best State Treasurer in the country, to help the people of Illinois.” He also made clear that his association with Obama is not based on any exchange of services. “I believe in him as individual and I think he will make this country a better place. I’ve never asked nor would I ask for any special favor.” (view entire article)

Greek Minister Kostas Kiltidis on new Greek products knocking on our door

Greek agricultural products are well placed to conquer the European and international markets, according to Deputy Minister of Rural Development and Food of Greece Kostas Kiltidis, who himself belongs to a new breed of leadership, willing to make bold moves and take risks in order to open doors and ways.“Our aim is to bring out all those relative advantages of our agriculture in order for our products to gain the position they deserve,” he says. “The basic aim of the ministry is for our country to obtain a strong and competitive edge in the agriculture-livestock sector, with main advantage points the exceptional quality and the safety for the consumer that our products are already famous for.” Important assurances as the outcry over damaged Chinese goods, and recently the salmonella-infected tomatoes are yet to subside, leaving American consumers as preoccupied as ever. In the meantime, the buzz over the so-called Mediterranean diet – different Mediterranean versions of Greek cuisine basically – is constantly on the rise, thanks not only to taste but to health benefits as well, leaving the space wide open for high quality, naturally produced Greek goodies. Kostas Kiltidis’ interview with NEO was done in the wake of his recent visit to the US, where he had the opportunity to hold a series of meeting with key American officials, among them Deputy Minister of Agriculture Mark Keenum, and people from the industry. (view entire article)

The congressional races in Ohio: Jane Mitakides and Jim Trakas

Second generation Greek American Jim Trakas (R-OH 10th District) is running for Congress this coming November along with Jane Mitakides (D-OH 3rd District) and Dina Titus (D-NV 3rd District). The 10th Congressional District is in northeast Ohio and contains part of the city of Cleveland. It encompasses the western and southern portion of Cuyahoga County.
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Alexandra Patsavas provides the sounds we hear in film and television

Owner of Chop Shop Music Supervision and Chop Shop Records, Alexandra Patsavas is one of the key players determining what we hear when we watch television or go to the movies. The granddaughter of Greek immigrants and the daughter of lifelong educators, Patsavas is pioneering new territory in the music industry while educating viewers and listeners worldwide.
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Greek-Canadian folk musician Pavlo crosses the border

The multi Emmy-winning concert and documentary producer George Veras of Veras Communications is directing the PBS spectacular titled Pavlo’s Mediterranean Nights featuring Greek-Canadian folk musician Pavlo. The concert was filmed live at the famous Ford Theater in Detroit and will premiere as a PBS special during their pledge drive in June 2008.
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