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December 2007

Illinois TV anchor Patricia Kakridas

Patricia Kakridas is now the morning and noon anchor on WAND-TV in Decatur, Illinois and no longer has to lug around her own camera and shoot her own video as she once did as a beat reporter. But she sometimes misses that. “That’s probably my major complaint,” says the 28-year-old Californian (though she was born in New York and once lived in the Dominican Republic). “I love going out and getting the story and being the one to break a story or do the investigating. I do miss that quite a bit.”

Not that being an anchor is a slouch. She gets up at 2:30 in the morning to get ready for her morning newscast, and then does periodic news updates on the Today Show throughout the morning, ...(view entire article)

Meeting the new Us Ambassador to Greece

The Cyprus Federation of America and the International Coordinating Committee Justice for Cyprus organized recently a reception in New York for the new U.S. Ambassador to Greece, Ambassador-designate Daniel Speckhard, which other prominent members or the Greek-American community attended, along with Consuls General of Greece and Cyprus Ekaterine Boura and Andreas Panayotou respectively. Among the well wishers was Former Interior Minister of Greece, Professor Spyros Flogaitis. The Ambassador committed to work hard towards further improvement of Greek - U.S. relations and resolution of issues concerning Hellenism. He said Greece was one of the most important countries in the world both historically and politically. She served as a critical ally to the US throughout the years, and honored the role of the Greek American community in relations between Greece and the States. ...(view entire article)

Searching for the historical St. Nick

Somewhere in the commercialization of Christmas the truth about St. Nicholas was hidden. Over the years, the beloved Byzantine saint had been transformed into a caricature of himself. The transformation didn’t sit well with Andreas C. George, a radiation physicist with the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission and Department of Energy.
...(view entire article)

Greek-Americans stand with Armenians in recognizing Armenian Genocide

The wall of genocide denial, obstructing the recognition--and future prevention--of the scourge of genocide is finally crumbling. Despite decades-long, state-- sponsored and now multi-million dollar campaigning by Turkey to distort history, buy off politicians, and threaten the interests of nations with the courage to
...(view entire article)

A doctor's musical journey

Mike Vasilomanolakis was returning from Greece as a boy on the Queen Frederica when the ship stopped in Naples and he made the first investment of his musical career: he bought himself an accordion and later learned to play it.

“As I learned to play this somewhat complex instrument, I developed my passion for music,”
...(view entire article)

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