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September 2007
John Georges tackles the storm in Louisiana

When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans John Georges was out of town, but he made sure his family was safe and then he returned to the devastated city to stay alone for almost a year and help the city rebuild.

“Holy Trinity Cathedral was under four feet of water,” remembers the 46-year-old businessman of the cathedral, the oldest Greek church in the Americas, of which he is president. “But we got it open again in three months. The Patriarch came to visit us in the fourth month.” How did he do it when most of the city was still under water? “Divine intervention,” he drawls.
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in Thessaloniki

With names such as Valentino and Roberto Cavalli participating, and an all- impressive American pavilion among a host of other national representations, this year’s 72nd Thessaloniki International Trade Fair taking place from September 8 to 16 at the International Exhibition Center is expected to be the most successful ever and to reestablish its status as the biggest and most important exhibition for international trade, innovation and opportunities in south eastern Europe.
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Mark Twain War Protest Poem Interpreted Visually and Posted on YouTube

“Only dead men can tell the truth in this world.”

That was Samuel Clemens’ reaction when he heard that his anti-war poem, “The War Prayer,” had been rejected for publication as “too radical.” The new century had dawned with America taking its first steps as an imperial power, having defeated Spain and crushing an emerging Philippine independence movement.
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Online Activism in Hellenic American Community Surges

Everyday, somewhere in a state like Oregon, Missouri, or Hawaii, Hellenes and Philhellenes join with an extensive network of online activists across the country, in sending messages via email to their elected officials communicating their concerns about issues such as ending the occupation of Cyprus, calling for religious rights for the Ecumenical Patriarchate, and ceasing FYROM’s propagandist use of ‘Macedonia’.
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Celebrating two pillars of Hellenism in America

In 1922, visionary Greek immigrants organized what would become the primary promoter of Hellenism in America and received the charter from the Ecumenical Patriarch to organize their church in the new homeland. It was the same year that the American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association was founded in Atlanta to protect Hellenes from the prejudice of groups such as the KKK.
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